Reality Tv Thoughts: Length In Seasons

I have watched a fair share of reality tv, mostly from the US, in my childhood. Since then, I have started to take notice of all the reality shows in all around the world…somewhat (notably Asia, Australia and the UK).

And during that time, I realized that not all reality shows have the same format in the US. And for this blogpost, I want to specifically talk about length in seasons.

In my experiences, there are 3 types of lengths: Short, Standard and Long

Introduce contestants, see them perform, being judged, eliminated and the winner given the grand prize after 45 minutes (or even less) of airtime.

Examples: Chopped, Fear Factor, Wipeout.

Contestants needed to compete in a location for a period of time without contact to the digital world, the season is complete with awarding the winner, duration would usually be 45 minutes for more, but in the end with mostly result with a contestant being eliminated from the game all together.

Examples: Survivor, Amazing Race US, The Apprentice

Season of shows that is triple the amount of an usual Survivor season. The shows broadcast at least 3 episodes per week, the earliest eliminated contestant have an airtime of someone who would usually be eliminated 6th for a standard season, the tasks that didn’t eliminate the contestant would equal 1 episode and the contestants needed more than 1 episode to be eliminated.

Examples: Big Brother, My Kitchen Rules, Masterchef Australia.

So, what type of length do you prefer, share and explain.

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