I’m Bored And Watch Videos: The Katering Show

When you see an intro of Kate McClennan forcefully tearing out a twig of leaves to show legitimacy as a foodie, Kate McCartney first line is asshole, their awkwardness of hosting together, and the intro being an intestine pooping out foods that are intolerant to McCartney, you know that is show is going to be a trainwreck, and a laughable, watchable one since even the worst victim just needing a castration to be safe and sound again, and he wants to be a woman to marry an Amazon.

Where I heard about it: From a person who appears in the series, in an internet blog.

What it is all about: A journey of an intolerant foodie and a food intolerant aka comedy writers aka self-depreciating women aka somehow got the jobs as cooking hosts despite their skills being as good as a contestant that is eliminated 2nd in Worst Cooks in [Insert Any Country You Like] or America.

The hosts: The Kates, Kate McClennan (the blonde, sweeting acting one) and Kate McCartney (the other one that is food intolerant), hence the play on words from C to K, cause you know, we already suffered from differentiating Rachel Brown (and her ex-husband, so Brown is not her surname anymore) & Rachel Reilly (and her 5 minute whining per episode that is not Azerbaijan) for all season in Amazing Race US 20 and to a lesser but worse extent, Richard Hadrin & Richard Herrara (pre and post head shave) in the now defunct Amazing Race Asia 4… please bring that back, producers.

How the show works: The Kates present a various range of topics from Mexican Food, Ethical Food, Food Porn and not Regular Porn. The Kates try to cook a dish that McCartney can eat without shitting her pants, keyword try, since most of them ended up inedible to them.

There is also a segment called Booze Revooze, where McCartney judges booze that are food intolerant to her, and thankfully, it is varied from wines, margaritas and somehow tea.

Music: Have enough to make a soundtrack album, which some YouTube hosts say why.

Educational Value: Make people realize that there is a disease called food intolerance for 5 minutes, not for actual cooking.

Favourite Episode: If I am judging by comparing to a cooking show cooked by real cooks Episode 1: Mexicana Fiestana. But in stand-alone, Episode 4: Thermomix.

Seasons: 6 Episodes for season 1…from early 2015 and still waiting for 2, because they are in the process of motherhood, which congratulations.

Criticism: In truth, I would definitely want to see legit recipes that everybody can eat without side effects since I don’t believe that their level cooking ability can get approved by producers in real life. And sometimes the waiting scenes (like the Episode 2 Ethical Eating where we are forced to see how the pressure cooker cooks for a commercial length) can be really irritating.

So why don’t you give it a go nostalgically or newly.

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