Flash Games: Sequence

In truth, I think that my flash games reviews will be rarer and rarer, as my laptop turned out to be inefficient in running with (Adobe?) Flash Player, so my gameplay with this computer tends to be really laggy, and this applies to WordPress as well, I could run circles when I write in Microsoft Word over writing in WordPress.

But nonetheless, here is my new Flash Game review.

Gibton, Edvent, gamezhero

What is it?
A wonderful opportunity to train your mind and logical thinking. To do this you need to choose the correct sequence.

How To Play?
By using a mouse, click a block that you like to a blank block so that a sequence is formed.

Without using any hints, I could easily breeze through the first 30 levels, and then it gets harder & more arbitrary. In the end, I manage to finish 38 levels without the hints, the only 2 levels that I can’t finish are 33 and 39.

Edit: And I finished the game, and there is a secret after the level is finished.

Basic calming music

What would I improve?
In truth, it is already perfect in it’s role as a simple puzzle game, but I think that the puzzles could be gradually harder.

Play it now at



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