I’m Bored: The Apprentice US Season 1, Episode 1

Coming back for a while with a rewind, why not?

Here’s the summary of Donald Trump

Donald Trump: Well I’m already a successful businessman, why don’t I become an author. (Later) Now every bookworms know about me, why don’t I join Oprah. (Later) Now everybody who owns a tv knows about me, why don’t I create my own tv show? (Later) Now my show has become a reality tv icon (in the UK at least), but I want something more, something bigger than sending celebrities to do meager jobs.


I know, with all these life experiences, why don’t I try to Make America Great Again, and become the president of the United States?

And just like that, despite spending half the amount of his rival, Hillary Clinton & the DNC, despite basically having no experience as a politician, and despite California & their 55 Democrat Electoral Votes…

He somehow made it happen, and this is our reality.

So to celebrate, here is the series where everybody know about him the most, The Apprentice, where the only season that this blogger watches fully is the Martha Stewart season (& you know how well that works out)

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Amazing Race China Season 3: Finale, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Now it’s time for the finale, the host of the 2016 Summer Olympics, where finished 1 or 2 months ago, so no more talking about that. Instead, who will get the Gold Medal of this season.

Was it Liu Xiang & Xu Qifeng (Team Hurdle), the team that had the producers allowed to switch members in the race?

Was it Guo Jinging & Kenneth Kwo (Team Married), the couple who has a lot of top moments which got screwed by the bottom moments in the second half, leaving them seemingly weaker than they actually are?

Or Jin DaChuan & Liu Chang (Team Returnees), who brings an massive advantage of experience towards the and being the frontrunner all season long?

Start by drinking a cherry juice made from Brazil, take a ride to the slums and never cross the road when the streetlight is red.

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Amazing Race China 3: Atlanta, Georgia, USA

For the first time in this season, the same country is used for 2 episodes, and this lucky recipient here is the USA, more specifically Atlanta, Georgia, the location for the 1996 Summer Olympics.

And to set another reset button, this time the show decides that every team should start on the same time since 2 or 3 minutes between teams are just really easy to catch up.

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Amazing Race China Season 3: Los Angeles, USA

Teams are now in the host of summer Olympics 1932 & 1984, Los Angeles, USA, the place where every performers imaginable go to Hollywood for a shot of being an international superstar, and at least 80% of them cried to their sleep & waiting for their next big break, watching the celebrities racing in this leg from the tv screen.

On a site note, Allan Wu is able to host here, and finally after 5 legs, a self driving leg appears.

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Ataplus Deals: Starting Round 1

Months ago where I went to Publika, I stumbled upon an event where entrepreneurs pitch their companies like they are in  Shark Tank, the entrepreneur talks about their company, the investors ask questions, the entrepreneur answers, ask more  questions, answer more answer, in the side lines I ask about how healthy the really Big Crzypuff will be, he answer my questions.

Everybody (the audience including me, the entrepreneurs and the investors) take a picture, I hang around with  the investors who gives out some business advice, got a chocolate drink pack from an Enterprise that is the same age as I am (which I have to say, kinda okay) and best of all, free goodies to take and free food to eat.


I am definitely impressed, and later I went home and immediately sign up for an ataplus account as a potential Level 1 investor…and 6 months later, the deals finally come, and here’s my thought to the three of them.

Given that Ataplus works in the same vein as Kickstarter, I should have offer a link about how to gain revenue so that we can see how the company would be managed day by day.


Update and Pay Attention: Q & A Sessions are now here, so rich people, if you wanna help to contribute the economical entrepreneurship of Malaysian Talent and see recognize the opportunity to refine the metals, read this and invest now, especially when I have already invested my part.

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