Ellen’s Design Challenge Season 2: Dream Big

Well this is technically the 2nd episode, but because the 1st episode is just about introducing the 10 contestants and then eliminating 2 with a challenge that requires them to draw a chair (which my favourite of the 3, Melissa, prevailed), and to promote gender equality, Cliff Fong (from Matt Blacke) would replace Amanda Dameron and join Christiane Lemiex (from Mayfair) to become the main judges (and the hosts) for the show.

And for 1 big change, Ellen DeGeneres appearances is now 2 out of 2 (but still, just do a great job as an executive producer and make sure that the furniture’s quality is really good instead of awkwardly making jokes).


Challenge: Make a signature bed (though a bed frame would be more appropriate), which sounds easy, but it turns out that you needed to make something really speak to you while making it practical to sleep on. Cool starting challenge.

And since there is no personal drama in the show, I’ll just skip to the judging part.

Guest Judge: Culture Creative Shawn Yashar.

P.S: f I’m a judge of this show, my keyword of success is “impact”, like making a great first impression. Please, I’m only an average viewer who sees the furniture on tv.


Alexis Moran + Jeff

Alexis EP1

If you take out the oxidation process of the wood and the L.A. mountains gold prints, it is quite boring to look at. And I would be worried about the gold prints, which could awake me forcefully by the lighting and ruin in sleep process.

Miles Endo + Karl

In his own words, it is a commercialized bed that protect against earthquakes, which is nice and subtle. But boring for an impression piece, even with the added shelf that the show decided to ignore for some reason.

McKenzie Gibson + Brooks

MacKenzie EP1

The lotus petals look like fire, and the overall bed seems like it is 10 years older than the other beds.

Kyle Huntoon + Ali


The details are there to tell a story in a beach, but the 2 elements are really hard to notice when you watched in pictures and television.

Mellissa Rivera Torres + Steve

Melissa EP1

She has practicality issues, the bed frame is high enough to make the negative space a storage unit. And that is more like an airplane wing that a cloud.

Bradley Bowers + Matt

The bed frame looks insanely awesome, albeit with the fact that you might get a few toe injuries if you enter from the side. The head board give another function in storage, and huge points for him with that he also give equal care on the mattress design, which looks better than everybody else.

Vivian Beer + Matt

Vivian EP1

A great bedframe with the metal work that makes it unique, that’s all I’m able to say.

Sef Piinney + Chip

Sef EP1

I actually liked this, but I agree that sleeping with the knowledge of being hurt by a sheet of metal would sound unnerving.

Winner: Bradley, no complaints after comparing his and Vivian’s.

Eliminated: McKenzie, also no complaints despite being really excited about what other stuffs she would offer.

Overall: A strong first episode, the challenge, the designs and the judging are on par, which makes up for the fact the contestants themselves are generally unmemorable.

Thanks to HGTV.com for the pictures.


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