I’m Bored: Clue: VCR Mystery Game and Clue II: Murder In Disguise VCR Game

For my childhood, Clue is not the game that my family primarily play (that goes to Monopoly and Scrabble). While my family bought the original game, we play one game without understanding the rules, me being laughed by my family for playing Mrs White the maid and after that, I never saw that board game again.

But when I become older, I started to understand the rules a lot more with the internet and a downloadable GBA rom that trained me to defeat the hardest foes for a time I have that rom.

So I started to get to know about the Clue lore a bit more, which actually only consists of the Cluedo TV show in the UK (which I never finished, but please check it out), the unfortunately cancelled Hub series that creates more questions than answers (and with Hasbro forcing YouTube to pull the series off to recut it to a movie, without actually telling them to make a new series, double boo), some scenes of the 1985 movie (quite a goldmine for lines) and this game that I’m going to talk about.

Quoting theartofmurder.com: “This unique version of the traditional board game adds four new suspects to the investigation and provides countless hours of entertainment. To solve the mystery, you must decide who murdered whom with what weapon in which room, AND you must discover the secret identities of each player.”

For an added bonus? If you used up all the pages in the notepad or become bored of actually playing the game, follow me and just watch it as a movie.

Here, I will compare both movies, and let’s start the show.

The first talks about the 6 original characters you know & love to accuse, with another 4 new characters (Rose, Brunette, Peach and Grey) join in the will reading of the dead Mr Boddy, where the paranoia gets to everybody to kill each other.

The second talks about the same 10 characters somehow got themselves out of the house without anybody being killed and somehow gathered themselves together back to Paris.

For the setting, the first one definitely fits the narrative of the game, a murder mystery while the second is more favoured towards self-aware comedy. For the story itself, both of them are quite good, but I actually prefer the second one since it was actually more coherent.

First, Mr Didit (the narrator of the first game) is an utter dick, why the heck did he need to cause the madness around the house for no actual reason?

At least the narrator in the sequel, Detective Pry actually had a valid reason to dislike them after some events at the hotel.

By the way, the characters here are quite decent. For the star of the series though, Miss (or Mrs?) Peach for her pathological lying in her Southern (or French?) accent.

So that’s all I have to say about this game, so please watch it if you like because it is quite a thrill to watch.

P.S: Does anybody know to make the autosave less tiring?
P.SP.S: In 2015, they also made a documentary about it, which I found to be decent on its own.

And the best thing, even the actors agree that this game should be watched as a movie.

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