Reality TV Thoughts: Whodunnit 2013 (ABC)

Premiered in June 23, 2013. Hosted by Gildart Jackson aka Butler Giles. A season long murder mystery game so fun to watch in every scene you watch, except for the identity of the killer.

How Does The Season Play

Objective: How did the murder happen?

After you witness a murder, investigate one of the at least 3 locations (which includes the last known whereabouts and the victim body at the morgue). Then, play a challenge to obtain more information. Talk to other contestants to get more information. Times up, do a quiz crime confession, hope that you get a Safe Card instead of a Scared Card, which means you have a 50 percent chance of dying. This continues until the final 3, where you go against another contestant and a confirmed killer to do a series of challenges to win the grand prize: $250,000 (which, compared to the mansion that they are living in, seems kind of lame) and become the killer’s greatest adversary, which doesn’t include knowing who the killer is until the very end.

A: K decides to form an alliance
B: People who is not on K’s team decides to form a counter-alliance
C: K’s team dwindled to just 3.
E: K’s team proceeds to win challenges of challenges, and watch the other alliance implodes to backstabbing each other.
F: K’s team becomes the Final 3, so there is a killer among the 3.
G: One person in K’s team wins the game, after even accusing the butler of being the murderer before the killer flat out said that she’s the killer.
Overall: Fun to watch, but after seeing K’s team win again and again it became expected.
Moral of the Story: Stay loyal and be in a team that is good at challenges.


Normally bland with a refreshing pace of non-mactors (attorneys, cardiac nurse, journalist…flight attendant?), that some of them aspire to become an entertainment star after the show is over, they even happily partake in taking out their deaths, graceful.

Favourite: Butler Giles

Actually, this is the reason why this show works in a way. For a huge cost in the mansion and the murders that the producers must pay, it is totally enjoyable to see how the murders work in a beautiful setting, from the “deaths” of the contestants, psychologically messing up their brains and the workings of the murder, there is a good reason why viewers thought that the contestants are actually killed.

Favourite Murder: Piano murder, chilling to see how this murder actually works, along with the narration.

The Killer
Whodunit: A story dealing with a crime and its solution; a detective story. (Free Dictionary net)
Seeing the definition of the title, some of my anger about the fact the killer is seen as an afterthought is lessen. But the fact the “killer” within the contestant twist is rather poorly done: no information about how e actually killed, no sabotaging, and not even given a say to choose who e want to kill (in fact, the contestant is eliminated with the lowest score from an off-screen quiz). And the final episode (which involves challenges instead of solving another murder) is just a piece of a cyanide lased cherry on top.

Changes (If there will be another season)
-No more killer within the contestant twist, cause from the season, there is just nothing for both the killer and the producers to gain from.
-If they still want to keep the twist: Let the killer choose who they want to kill as a baseline. Optional: Have a secret info in every episode that implicates the killer or a step in killing the victim, not revealing it would let the secret remain hidden, along with a reduction for the grand prize, so the killer had an incentive to perform sabotage.

I would do a repeated viewing for this, because the settings are so much fun, and the quality of the show is great.


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