Reality Tv Thoughts: My Diet Is Better Than Yours (ABC)

Despite being one of the more up to date reality shows that I recap, this is one of the stumbles upon in YouTube (searched from, um…I don’t remember). So I gave it a try before copyright blocked me from watching, which ended up being an okay snack compared to the Biggest Loser in terms of challenges and drama, but strangely I felt more educated and authentic from this show over the Biggest Loser.

Spoilers Alert

P.S.: YouTube, the speed modifier is an awesome thing, please give it this features to tablet computers, alongside with a 1.75 speed modifier.


5 overweight clients hire 5 different diet plans to see which works best in a 14 week timeline. Week by week, of dieting, babysitting, doing exercise challenges and making better life choices, they well weigh in to see results. Fortunately for the contestants, none of them is going to be eliminated from the show before the finale. Instead, like a client, they will have a chance, an only chance, to fire their trainer and choose another diet plan.

After seven weeks, trainer and client will part, as the next seven weeks will the clients will be on their own. Next seven weeks later, the clients come back again to run a half marathon to qualify themselves for the final weigh in, winner be determined by weight loss percentage.

Grand prize: Cash, groceries and a magazine spread.

Overall: I like it better than The Biggest Loser, since it feels more caring about the contestants health (which Shaun T, gives me more health improvements from the constants before they weigh on, and stop talking about the inches of waistline they lost), with them mostly being at home aka real life, not being eliminated unless you are quitting the show and making them finish a challenge as a judge to see whether people did something as extreme as Rachel Frederikson.


Low budget and to be honest, pointless to watch except for giving editors in the show something to do and see the drama unfold, which is surprisingly a lot.

Like Kurt said: (Paraphrasing) “Nobody will understand what we are going through except for us.” (Him, the trainers, the contestants and other people who are involved in the show)

Contestants And The Diet
As 3 clients stick to their diet from the beginning to the end, I will only critique these three.

Kurt, Abel James “The Wild Diet”: Fighting fat by eating good fat, and eat a lot of natural veggies. If my mom didn’t cook for me and complain about every food decisions I make, I would favour this diet. I mean, the body fat and the weight loss that Kurt lost is outstanding (22% compared to the winner’s 13%), and seeing that I could still eat traditionally unhealthy things like steak & cheeseburgers sound too good to be true, and it is true.

Jasmin, Dawn Jackson Blattner “The Superfood Swap Diet”: The most conservative of the 3 diets, improving your favourite comfort food by putting more nutritious food. Though I wouldn’t mind choosing this because from this diet Jasmin is basically a beast in most of the challenges, which means physical energy to work through the day. And the advice Dawn gave are quite nice as well (having a cake publically, have a no food party, trampolines).

Jeff, Jay Cardiello “No-Diet Plan”: Mind set over food. Sure, Jeff can really be a jerk towards people or being outspoken, but I would roll my eyes at Jay’s antics as well, (sleeping in a tent, changing colours).

Speaking of jerk, I actually felt bad for Taj in the journey. Sure, she might be a jerk towards her trainers (Jovanka Clares & Jennifer Casseta), have no positive reaction towards getting for yellow belt and quitting the show. But the timing for her couldn’t come worse, with a divorce looming in and Jennifer is not the consoling type, I wouldn’t blame her wanting to be alone and calm herself down.

And besides, the reason Jovanka is fired is because for her brief time, she sinned her client for having no self-awareness, why the heck you need to reward her with a cookie made with a lot of sugar, while you have done a challenge about how sugar is bad for you.

I might give the Wild Diet a try, and for the show, watch it before YouTube removed it.

P.S: Please check out the interviews and podcast about the show with Abel James’ website Right now, he have interviews with Kurt, Dawn, Shaun T and Rob (Nutrition Timing and LaTasha’s second trainer after her first trainer came across as an ineffective lunatic).


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