Here’s A Democracy 3 Challenge For You, USA Presidential Candidates

Do the future US President would handle their interest well?

Released by Positech Games in 2005, the Democracy game franchise is a government simulation game that makes yourself a president for a democratic country, trying to make your country better with policies and event decisions while appeasing your loyal ministers (who provide the work for you) and your country voters.

Currently spawning 3 games, latest being Democracy 3 in 2013 and an expansion about Africa in probably this year, it becomes a hit the game critics and educational factions to teach political system and economies (which is true, as this game teaches me about what GDP is, and how hard it is to govern a country, even without the corruption of your own mind)

So to celebrate this educational game for their new expansion and how the crazy election is going on, I would like to present anybody with this game (since I don’t have this game) a challenge of what your think how these presidential candidates will work on.

* = Need Captcha, so you can’t link to them immediately.
-Donald Trump (R)*
Patriotic Capitalist
Main Issues: US-Mexico Wall, Healthcare Reform, US-China Trade Reform, Veteran Administration Reform, Tax Reform, Second Amendment Rights, Immigration Reform

-Ted Cruz (R)
Religious Conservative
Main Issues: Restore Constitution, Second Amendment Rights, Border Security, National Defence, Stand With Israel, Religious Liberty, Life Marriage & Family, Jobs & Opportunity, Rein In Washington

-Bernie Sanders (D)*
Liberal Socialist
Main Issues: Income & Wealth Equality, College Tuition & Debt Free, Big Money Out Politics, Restore Democracy, Create Decent Paying Jobs, Living Wages, Combat Climate Change, Immigration Reform, Racial Justice, Woman Rights, AIDS & HIV, LGBT Equality, Empower Tribal Nations, Care For Veterans, Medicare for All, Strengthen & Expand Social Security, Lower Prescription Drug Rights, Disability Rights, Puerto Rico, Support Historically Black Colleges and University, Rights of Native Hawaiians, Improve Rural Economy, Nurses Rights, Remove Wall Street, Real Family Values, War and Peace, Support Iran Deal, Wealthy People Pay Their Fair Share, How Bernie Pay For Proposals.

-Hilary Clinton (D)
Main Issues: Alzheimer, Campaign Finance Reform, Campus Sexual Assault, Climate Change & Energy, College, Criminal Justice Reform, Disability Rights, Early Childhood Education, Economy, Gun Violence Prevention, Health Care, HIV and AIDS, Immigration Reform, Infrastructure, K-12 Education, Labour, LGBT Equality, Manufacturing, National Security, Paid Leave, Racial Justice, Rural Communities, Small Business, Social Security & Medicare, Substance Use Disorder & Addiction, Veteran Armed Forces and their Families, Voting Rights, Wall Street and Corporate America, Woman Rights & Activities, Workforce & Skills

-Jill Stein, (Green Party)
Liberal Environmentalist
Main Issues: Job Creation, Clean Energy, End Poverty, Healthcare Right, Education Right, Just Economy, Save Mother Earth, Freedom & Equality, Justice For All, Peace & Human Rights, People Empowerment.


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