Mission Catwalk Season 5: Episode 3

Design a garment inspired by an exotic tropical flower. The designed must be named to highlight the flower and essence of the garment. Eg. Wild Orchid
Utterly boring, just being inspired by one freaking flower?

Since the designing part is not that eventful, let’s just talk about the designs, as a person
Guest Judge: Milica Pesic, founder of Everblazing.

Carla: A tennis ambassador that model for a wealthy convention
Ryan: Running away from a hurricane while attending a party
Rebecca: A dominatrix session that is on the process of undressing
Renardo: Businesswoman that is on a meeting conference about flora research
David: A superhero with flower powers
Sheena: A musician who is in a music video set
Carl: Pageant girl that does not walk well
Kesia: Hip hop street dancer
Machel: Wife of a rich guy
Overall: Okay in terms of design and craftsmanship.

Judges Winner: David, My Winner: Renardo
Judges Auf: Carl, My Auf: Ryan or Alexis, depends of whether what is worse, a disaster or a bore.
For the design in photos:


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