Mission Catwalk Season 5: Episode 4

“Sketches don’t walk on runways, designs do.” –Shenna Carby.

GROUP CHALLENGE – Design a mini collection for a selected design house that would suit the style of your group.

Well, at least it is more interesting than last episode, and group challenge, and 12 hours of work, would tempers flare when big personalities clashes with each other? (My answer, I don’t care and I just want to see the runway).

For this post I’m going to be diligent and try to include the pictures for this episode, and Facebook album is a bitch. How did those fashion bloggers create these types of posts constantly?

Mentor & Design Process:
This is one of the episode that Mercedes Carrera shines best, talking about the financial side of the fashion industry, though using Stella McCartney as an example was not going to bode well with certain fashion bloggers, she is a good example about having to put in effort to the fashion industry to become rich and famous, as she is a rich man’s daughter (though being a rich daughter seems to have a good headstart in the world in general).

And the Q & A part between the mentor and the designers is impressive and makes her more legitimate in her trade.

Replacement Judge: Bill Edwards (International Designer) for Carlton Brown
Guest Judge: Alexandra d’Archangelo, Show Director for Edit
Both of them are quite good in their judging, and could I replace Bill Edwards with Carlton Brown (cause Carlton is a menswear designer, in a woman’s design competition).

Though the designs this week wasn’t very impressive. (Bold for team leader)

Renardo, Alexis, Carla

Team Carolina Herrera (Renardo, Alexis, Carla)
I quite pissed at Carla’s model for her lack to presenting the surprise of Carla’s look, if nobody mentions it I would have thought that is a dress.

Ryan, Machel, Kesia

Team Balmain (Ryan, Machel, Kesia I don’t know who is the leader, as they are safe anyway)
I can see why Keenea about Kesia, she looks like she’s 2 months pregnant.
(Amazed that the judges are willing to give them short critiques before declaring them safe).

David, Shenna, Rebecca

Team Anne Fontaine (David, Shenna, Rebecca)

(By the way, those white T-Shirts she’s famous for had a lot of personality into it, and are freaking expensive as hell.)

Well this team has the lowest score (and those judges really reacted negatively to it), and I have to agree. Despite the white minimalism, the collection is not cohesive at all.

How does David blue lines connect with the others, and how does Rebecca’s design connect with the other 2? Even the judges thought the other 2 are for Carolina Herrara, and Rebecca would be in huge trouble they got devious and say it is for Carolina Herrara after all if it wasn’t for another team already made a Carolina Herrara collection (which of course they won’t, or their popularity will drop badly).

Rebecca is kinda okay, though it is strange that the judges would criticize her for the choice of bare feet with pearl earrings when it is obviously made to relax on a beach (then again, how does this dress connects with the mini collection?)

David made a dress, for a collection that is supposed to be about minimalistic white T-Shirt.

And Shenna was aufed too soon (I would have aufed David), but for dress is a little boring and weird in the top section.

To see more detailed photos:


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