Mission Catwalk Season 5: Episode 5


Design corporate wear for NCB Foundations scholars entering the world of work.

What a surprisingly difficult challenge, trying to make their newly graduated interns stand out in front of everybody, without making everybody see you as the boss? Having yourself look like fresh meat for marriage, but also making yourself a legitimate contributor for the world economy?

Along with doing corporate wear (which is not the majority of the designers comfort zone), everybody says it sucks, and tired of not having the liberty of a 2 days challenge

And worst of all, Mercedes Gonzalez just took a small dose of bitchy comparison pill today.

A funny coincidence occurred, where the top, bottom and the safe group are on the same team an episode before.

Guest Judge: Shannon Catlett, Account Executive for White + Warren. Yup judging is my favorite part of the season, everybody really have their own thoughts clearly and giving a New York girl to clash with the Jamaican fashion culture is fun.

Renardo, Alexis, Carla
Top (Renardo, Alexis, Carla)

Team Carolina Herrara is in the top again.

Carla’s pants are quite weird, being a pants in the front and a skirt on bad. Worse of all the front of the pants looks like a vagina.

It’s too bad that Alexis’s model watered down this jacket, I felt like she’s like a 16 year old wearing a 40 year old professional jacket, which is why the judges say that this is for a boss.

Rebecca, David
Safe (Rebecca, David)

Rebecca sacrificed professionalism for youthfulness, and the jacket and the cocktail skirt mixed like hot oil and cold water.

While David sacrificed flirty fun for professionalism, and I’m disappointed that when she took the jacket off…anti-climactic. And the way she took off the jacket is badly handled.

(By the way, Dyanne Ismile Brown, model for Rebecca, you rock in runway modelling.)

Bottom (Machel, Ryan, Kesia)
Machel, Ryan, Kesia
No complaints about Machel’s auf, too dated.

(What’s Machel’s model doing when she stop in the runway for a moment?)

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