Mission Catwalk Season 5: Episode 6

Design a PRINT inspired by the Campari Munari bag to create a spectacular garment
Since I’m a guy and not really a luxury bag person, this is not a challenge of my interest, although the print concept is quite nice. Actually, I don’t really have a lot of comment about this episode.

Guest Judge: Sophia Bernard-Fairman, Marketing Manager, J Wray and Nephew
Renardo is safe, and as the only person safe I will skip his picture at judge the rest. Although like the judges, I think that I’m more focused on judging the garment over judging the garment with the bag (not helped by the fact that Carla’s model is wearing the bag all the time, and the another model that has the bag, Renardo, is declared safe).

All Stars Episode 6 Top Looks

Top: Carla, Alexis, David
Despite thinking that Alexis’ design is one of the best in this season, I had to admit that Carla’s design fit the bag better
While David print is insanely gorgeous, hampered by the really basic design.

All Stars Episode 6 Bottom Looks

Bottom: Rebecca, Kesia, Ryan
I really love Rebecca’s though process of her design (a Middle Eastern party girl?), but her final product devalues her to a nanny for the Middle Eastern party girl, who is really, really old, so sadly her auf is deserved.
Kesia made basic and youthful at the same time
Ryan’s back is gorgeous with a moon, it’s too bad the front is very lazy.

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