I’m Bored Big Meets Bigger: Kuwait

Hey! Fat people, do you manage to get fat, really, really obese? Get your fat ass out…and fly to Kuwait, a country so rich that you can get your meals to your car, and burst your waistlines.

Okay, so who’s the 2 really lucky contestants to join our rides…

Carley Brookes (Around 23 stone-around 146 kg) & Darran Mansfield (Around 140 kg), congratulations for going to Kuwait, exciting (and morbid) adventures waiting for you, let’s go.

Who are the Contestants?
Carley’s a party animal who celebrate being fat with her friends, blah blah. Her mother was worried about her, more than her own waistline.
Darran was nearly going to develop diabetes if his eating habits continue.

Meet their hometaker Aziz
He likes a variety of food and he’s Kuwaiti rich.
And the hometaker title is sort of untrue, because Carley & Darran lived in another (really rich) mansion due to traditions, but hey, servants and maids, a lot of food, which was why you will gain 10kg in somewhere like Kuwait.

First Day Before The Educational Storm
And this house has a freaking elevator too!
In an awkward coincidence, Aziz’s mother died, prompting Aziz to do gastric surgery.
In another awkward moment, Darra decided to talk about how good the food is.

Gastro Surgery Clinic
The doctor looks okay (maybe surgery, or just have a good diet I don’t know), but listening and knowing gastric surgery…I hope my diet is healthy enough for me to keep fit.
There also include segments about why Carley & Darran become fat, but I rather talk about Kuwait, learn about Kuwait (as these segments should be in the beginning), and pretend to smoke shishas pipes.
And looking at the oil refineries in Kuwait, pretend that I have a basic income of 30,000 pounds by the government even I do nothing, and wake up realizing that this wouldn’t be a good idea for my own productivity (besides, the 30,000 pound thing is somehow a made up thing by the show).

Work Bitch, A Fast Food Delivery Restaurant, To Their Cars
I’m with you Carley, why any other food companies didn’t watch this and do their own food delivery to the car services, which would be a talking point among people?
Maybe because the workers in other countries and paid as low as 80 pounds for a Kuwaiti worker at that time.

Visiting A Diabetes Clinic
Yeah, it’s really disgusting to get diabetes and having a watered down interview with a diabetic man, next.

Way of Life- Fishery
The main Kuwait job before they struck oil, leaving only foreign workers to work for their fisheries (which I can’t fault them). This would also be a good Amazing Race task in Kuwait.

Desert Camping
Not really sure if they slept at the camp or not, but as someone who think that his feet soles is thin enough to be poked by sand, I’ll slip, but the dinner and setting up would probably be nice.

Caretaking, Salim Is The Name
With about 51 stone (which is about 324 kg, which is really bad), he’s so sick that he has diabetes, and wanted people to open up a Coca-Cola Bottle for him (which to Darren, a ridiculous thing to do as his hands are still able to work), that he’s willing to put off a lot of people appetite by showing his legs.

At night, Carley chatted with some random skinny chick, and then read her mom’s letters.

Diet Party, Goodbye Kuwait
While the educational part is good, maybe they should have made the dishes tastier and unique, so that people like Aziz won’t psychologically dislike anything green.
And with that, it’s goodbye Kuwait and the documentary (they also shows Carley & Darran after Kuwait, but since it’s all about Kuwait, I’ll just skip this part).


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