Mission Catwalk Season 5: Episode 8

Design a mini collection for S/S 2016 of pieces every woman would want to own and pass down to her daughter. (Oh, and make an ad campaign for the collection, but as we only got to see 1 of them, which is the winner, is a moot point)

Really, the ad campaign would be really useless if we can’t really see the ad.

BTW, did somebody in the production department confuse Mercedes that the collection is to pass to their daughters and not share with their daughters (which I don’t think that daughter would want to done that in the name of independence and fearing outdatedness.)

Guest Judge: Mercedes Carrera, who you already know who she is.

Oh, and surprise, a double elimination, to make up for a contender for the longest runway and judging in the Project Runway franchise history.



All Stars Episode 8 Carla


Favorite: Second

Dislike: Third (She looks petrified posing and uncomfortable posing)

Strangely enough for a same polka dot theme, none of them really feels like they are in the same collection and thinking about her designs so far in her season…I don’t really know what her signature style actually is. And this is more suitable for a Fall Collection, especially when you need to put fur-like sweater.


All Stars Episode 8 Ryan

Favorite: First, it is dramatic and the back (what I consider his strongest suit, too bad that I only do photos of the front) looks clean as well

Dislike: Second

Weird that unlike the judges I was not really enamored by the collection, because this is not a collection, but three well-designed garments. And it’s more Fall than Spring. Don’t really know why the judges love about this, except for a well-spoken explanation for the ad and got the judges really excited to talk about it (buyer’s remorse, second wife, …, vocabulary).


All Stars Episode 8 Alexis

Favorite: First, the print mixing is really well done and the look is memorable

Dislike: Third, really boring and need the daughter to be 30+ to wear this without looking childish

One thing you can say about Alexis is that she prefer making simple design with amazing execution, which can be insanely good with some embellishments (the first one) or utterly boring (the last one). And I don’t really see this as a collection, even if it’s actually spring.


All Stars Episode 8 David

Favorite: Third one, which looks surprisingly amazing to look at.

Dislike: Second, the jacket is unnecessary and the model’s makeup is awful, still I think that this would be more iconic to the daughters than the third one.

(Somehow the girl in the first dress got replaced, the episode and the Facebook pictures are different people)

He has blue ruffles for his collection, made in three ways of shirt, long skirt and shoulder ruffles. The collection looks clean and would be good for the daughters. But on the show those colours look really drab in the show compared to the photos (actually, are they even the same fabric?).


All Stars Episode 8 Renardo

Favorite: Third, this shows his signature corporate look that I can see this in newly graduated working woman applying for the job

Dislike: First, too many eye-catching embellishments for the dress with the leather jacket, the sunglasses and the shoes, you got a really busy look.

I could really see this as a collection, with the floral prints that is not outdated looking for once, jackets, the belt and the pop of blue & black. But yeah, it’s okay.

If I want to give the win: David

Auf: Carla and I have to admit that it would be Alexis.

So next week, the finale

Photos, grabbed from Mission Catwalk Facebook page.


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