Mission Catwalk Season 5: Finale

Just talk about the designs please, me.

Even though we have an additional menswear look, a pre runway critique by Mercedes & tame model picking, in one rushed stupid day.

Guest Judge: Mateo Harris, Designer of Mateo New York


All Stars Episode 9 Ryan



First off the music is really amazing, it fits with the intended sexiness of the collection.

Second of all, he has the best menswear design of the 3, the jacket and the shirt both looks detailed & surprising and the way he zips off the show the shirt while accompanying the music is clever.

Third, the initial impact towards me was awful, the one element I know about Ryan Chan (the walking away surprise) is missing, some of the clothes were hampered by the model’s walk, and it’s just…an overall lazy effect of boob bouncing.

Designs that I like: Look 8, Look 10

All Stars Episode 9 David


There is like 4 mini collections (the blue wave prints, the white lace, the blue floral prints and the purple bling) in 1 full collection, which is too much to be cohesive, the purple (especially the last gown with feathers and bling) didn’t fit well with both the blue floral prints and the mini white laces.

But there is some thought out cohesion in his works, the capes in the beginning (Look 1, 2, 5), the keyhole around the model’s boobs (Look 3, 7, 9), the ready-to-wear from look 4-10 (or 11 she’s don’t mind the ridiculousness of the pants) and the carpet dresses (Look 2, 3, 12, 13, though the lady would be on the worst dressed list for wearing Look 2, 3 & 12).

By the way, those round bags are really cute.

I dislike the music, too bombastic for the collection

(Holy heck! How the judges allowed David to send 13 designs for the collection while Ryan and Renardo send 14?).

Designs that I like: Look 4, Look 13

All Stars Episode 9 Renardo


Poor guy (who had a meltdown while listening to the judges criticisms that has a decent point), cutting the horrendous male costume for an Arabian soldier in a MV, this collection is probably one of the most ambitious finale collection that I’ve seen, the fabrics really looks expensive and Jamaicans are probably surprised at something unexpected and dramatic coming from him.

But it is very pretentious (even the music is), most of his work were overdesigned (Look 10 in particular) and it needs a courageous person to wear some of the overdesigned look to the public.

Designs That I Like: Look 4, Look 5

Overall, since the judges are so off-put but Ryan & Renardo and raved towards David (which while I’m not impressed, I would easily choose this to win over both of them), David won, congratulations.

And so, this All Star season is finally over, and leaves me to do other recapping of other shows.

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