NBC Treasure Hunters: Episode 5, Follow The Drinking Gourd, To Prosperity Or Loyalty.

Follow The Drinking Gourd

The competition is getting heated up, people questioning their teammates maximum potential, and the lack of sleep is getting people frustrated at each other.

Appropriately, this episode is all about Civil War in the US (though, specifically it’s more about slavery). So, let’s follow them


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NBC Treasure Hunters: Episode 4, Lighten the Unity, Darken the Bullet

“We Fogaled the Fogals”

Alas for the Bartenders, Jessica’s injury is just too severe (surgery, that’s how severe it is), and after a long rest and a long deliberation, Team Brown is back, in doing even worse physical stuff than a little girl that has broken a leg.

And because he loves fair game, Pat Hanlon is not happy.

Divided United

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