NBC Treasure Hunters: 1, As In 2 Becomes 1

In 2006, NBC decided to make their own unique Amazing Race mixed with hunting treasures and smart gadgets (they even had their own laptop to play with). However, it is axed after one season, and hardly anybody remember it again.

But fortunately, thanks to one of the contestants named Brad Fogal (from the Fogal Family) who is nice enough to upload the entire show to YouTube, the whole world can watch this show again.

(Although for me, I just know of this show be supacoowacky, and Brad Fogal is such a generous guy.)

Oh and to start off with a bang: the show starts with 2 groups without knowing each other existence, 1 group containing 5 teams of 3, and the show goes.


Opening: Too dark for me to appreciate it.

Gadgets: A phone, a laptop with a search function, and a Visa card? Sweet!

Ok since the groups are quite confusing, I will do the hill start as A, and the ship start as B. But the first task for both groups are the same, which is:

Morse Code

A decent start for an initial challenge, just the right difficulty for the teams with a Morse Code book. Although group B have to swim for a distance to their next destination.


A: Southies, “CIA”, Pageants, Professionals, Hanlons


Pat Hanlon, entrepreneur, started off with a beep beep beep bang, along with the Pageants (who are so defined that Wikipedia decided to call them former Miss US Location over their actual jobs).

The glacier is really gorgeous.

Cairn Path

Cairn: Human-made pile (or stack) of stones used for trail markers

I’ll make all of them into 1 path.

Getting the Ice Block: Basic, although showing that you can take the content within without going up presents the nature of this show in general.

Stillwater Washington: Mental game that can devolve to guessing game.

Digging: A stupid challenge that nobody actually know how to find, and not really riveting

After all is done, last place goes to Pageants, but is it over for them…(spoiler alert, no)?

B: Air Force, Geniuses, Brown, Fogals, Bartenders


The waters they jumped in looks refreshing, not for Keith Brown though. Seriously, while this show didn’t consider waist measurements as a requirement, I warn you, this show is not made for someone like him.


Island Path

Diving: Brief, except for the briefcase underwater battle between Fogals, Air Force and Bartenders, which is fun.

Plane locate: More interesting as the Cairn one as it get people to navigate, which means a chance for them to get lost. Although it takes a serious brain illogic for the Geniuses to ignore the obvious plane crash that obviously lead them to their next location.

Customized Key: A really interesting mental challenge especially with the way how the key assembles.

And for being the first episode, Fogals already make sure that they are here to win. Although the Bartenders had some of seriously bad rip off by a lot of teams in just this episode. However, Brown physical limitations cost them so much that Brown ended up last anyway.

But fortunately, this is a keep-racing leg for them.


24 hours later (which night-time says bullshit on this)…

Group A: GO GO GO

Group B: GO Slowpokes

Group A & Group B when meeting each other: HUFF! HUFF! WTH?

Definitely a grand way to start the season, except for the fact that the host is mostly a recording for this entire episode.


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