NBC Treasure Hunters Episode 2: Bus Ride to Rush More Teams

Teams: WTH…We have to compete with 5 more teams?

Laird Macintosh: Yes, why do you think that the prize is about 3 million? Go to your next challenge, the prize and the secrets awaits you.

(Laird leaves to his penthouse to do other things than actually hosting, as his recording in the Motorola is already finished 1 day ago).


Bus Ride: Good challenge with having 2 possible roads (which of course only one is the correct one) that gave it complexity. Alongside with an anxious road to nowhere and the teams up section to figure the complex puzzle and know about each other.

Not So Secret Path In Mount Rushmore: Observation and Physical Challenge next.

The Cylinder in Mt. Roosevelt: This is a hint for the teams who overthink things (aka Geniuses), good explanation for why the art connects with the puzzles they have. (Though strange that Geniuses felt that Mt Rushmore is too obvious when Mt. Roosevelt is decoded in a more literal fashion).  And the fact that both mountains have wireless connection, technology people.

Time Capsules: I have to say, those capsules are ugly to watch


Pat Hanlon: TV Comedy gold, who the heck would somebody initially choose to check items when the challenge clearly state that they need to find a “secret trail”.

And for the eliminated team, Professionals, too bad that you only been in 2 episodes, so we barely know you except that you got badly screwed by the Geniuses: convinced to go to the wrong place, convinced to stay in that wrong place too long, Geniuses helping a mentally weak team due to beating you in an observation challenge, by a large margin.


Since the show don’t care about giving prizes for team no.1, and choose to give “artifacts” instead, I’ll just do tiers than the Amazing Race placements.

Tier A: Air Force, Southie, Pageants, Fogals, CIA

Tier B: Bartenders, Brown

Tier C: Hanlons, Geniuses, Professionals

This is a notably short episode, and not a particularly interesting one aside from twist and Hanlons.





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