NBC Treasure Hunters Episode 2: Get A Steak And A Burger For Louis & Clarke

2: 20 a.m., producers, you don’t like giving the contestants free breakfast, but can’t you give them even a good night sleep? And even torturing them to drive freaking 620 miles?

2.20 a.m., the cars are too dark as a product placement

2.20 a.m., somebody mentioned somebody got wasted in Amsterdam


Refraction: Basic challenge in a nice but dark place, boring except for the Hanlons being too ridiculous in decoding this puzzle.

(After a camping trip that don’t show us any significant interaction)

Starry Canoe Ride: And a quite nasty portage as well, with a lot of character moments it’s a good challenge without being a boring canoe trip


-Pageants talk about luxury activities to cope with the canoe trip

-Brown stuck in a water challenge again

-Fogals showing off their strategic colours

-Seeing Jessica of Team Bartenders having a nasty leg injury, makes me wonder how everybody else managed to trudged through the competition without a medvac.

Lewis Cipher: I don’t know about how to write about this challenge…I need something to eat, and it had to be something to fit my palate, so 80 miles it is (LMAO Hanlons, how did this show casted them first over CBS? They should get their own show about Pat Hanlon entrepreneurial adventures)

And it takes an amount of ineptitude to be beaten by a rather average team that has a person injured to their knees.

As the Brown Family, maybe they should have get fitter and take some swimming lessons to cope with extreme physical strain that even Amazing Race said that is too much for them.

And this concludes the 2nd episode, a very tired leg when the Hanlons are here.

Treasure: Compass







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