NBC Treasure Hunters: Episode 4, Lighten the Unity, Darken the Bullet

“We Fogaled the Fogals”

Alas for the Bartenders, Jessica’s injury is just too severe (surgery, that’s how severe it is), and after a long rest and a long deliberation, Team Brown is back, in doing even worse physical stuff than a little girl that has broken a leg.

And because he loves fair game, Pat Hanlon is not happy.

Divided United


Graffiti Classroom: Really fun location that they have designed, and in terms of irony, Hanlons (granted, it was the youngest) are the first to solve it.

With this stroke of luck (being that Air Force got the wrong hint and Fogals are lost & Fogaled by the Geniuses), all the other team said “YAY” to kicking out 1 of 2 of their biggest competitions in the game (though I think the Geniuses are quite strong in the manipulation department as well)

Unfortunately for them, being lost for the Fogals is a good thing, because the show shows us that you can skip a challenge to your next location (curtesy of the Air Force).

Now for a not so Detour.

Route 1, Bullet Search: Basic searching challenge, with a dust of gang up drama revealed in front of the Air Force’s eyes.

Route 2, Another Bullet Search: At least this involves underground exploration for a tiny bullet.

And another unfortunately for them, the 6 superteam didn’t realize the fact that Pat Hanlon loves fair game, and hated teaming up with Browns, and when the Brown tried to call them for the next piece of puzzle….

Pat Hanlon: “BZZtttttt….”

Pair It Up, You Get The Sea:  Southies & Air Force had a verbal argument about Fogals and gang up. And at the Pemberton Pier, when Hanlon decide that their ticket would be at the buoys.

Southie: “…WTH?”

Then the pairing up, which includes a logic bomb with inviting a team to the first place boat because they are smarter in puzzle, okay, maybe in terms of beating a team that is both fit and intelligent at the same time.

Lighthouse, Rocks: The landscape is nice. But the puzzle now are quite boring that I’m more interested in the short feuds between the team, now it’s Brown Vs Hanlons and Everybody else Vs Fogals & Air Force

The Eliminated Team

In the end, the Hanlons lost to the Browns, in a Hanlon peeping tom way. Boo! They are great at liven up the boring pretentious tone of worthiness of this show that bores me. And any channel not giving Pat Hanlon a 1 season documentary reality series is an utter rip-off.

But yeah, 4 episode is just a miracle seeing their intellectual performance.

Treasure: Engraved Box Lighthouse Marking






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