NBC Treasure Hunters: Episode 5, Follow The Drinking Gourd, To Prosperity Or Loyalty.

Follow The Drinking Gourd

The competition is getting heated up, people questioning their teammates maximum potential, and the lack of sleep is getting people frustrated at each other.

Appropriately, this episode is all about Civil War in the US (though, specifically it’s more about slavery). So, let’s follow them



Find Something In The Tunnel: The tunnel and the things are remarkable, not so for another searching for things challenge. Well except for Sam (from Geniuses) suddenly talking about how out of shape he was compared to the other 2 and Pageants missing their 1st place lead because of that parcel.

Bonus: $30,000 for finishing first in a route, before being eliminated

708 miles later (I know that they are racing in the US, but seriously, those freaking miles that could be used for travelling to other nearer location for more history challenges)….

Trail of The Drinking Gourd: While it is a basic (albeit really dangerous) traversing challenge, the ridiculous humidity and imaging that slaves at that time use this route in worse conditions as the teams makes it a rather memorable challenge and make me grateful for the personal freedom I have with information, comfort and safely.

So bad that even with the $30,000 at stake, teams still teamed up when they have the chance, so much for trying to be competitive.

Since this is uploaded by Brad Fogal the contestant and father of Katie Fogal, it is understandable that he would edited out Kayte’s hissy tantrums (I did get that she have a hissy side), cause you know, how many fits when viewers can endure from Rachel Reilly in Amazing Race 20?

Time or Team: Yeesh, what a delicious twist in a slavery theme. But since this is on national to international TV, realistically nobody would even dare to think about leaving their teammate behind, cause if they do, Reality TV Biggest Moment Top 20 in history. And even the insane 3 hour boat ride for the person left behind would make people get nightmares if they really did left behind.

Winner of Treasure: “CIA”, I wish I could congratulate another team that actually left behind a team member, but congratulations nonetheless.

Everyone else already finished the intense boat part, except for:

Browns: Where the physical walk proves too much for Keith Brown to continue on, it would be lucky that this leg decides to make meets choose to eliminate one member, but which such a unique situation, what would the show do?

Geniuses: This episode long, the team consistently talked about how out of shape Sam is, and when realizing that their placement is on the wire, what would Francis & Charles choose?

But still the leg needs to continue on (if the show still haven’t tortured everybody enough).






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