NBC Treasure Hunters Episode 6: The Endurance Continues

The leg continues, and of course, Geniuses still stay three

The Pageants’ sudden monologues about the swamp are sudden though

Freedom in Red

Brown’s Unique Situation

Both choices are bullocks, since these are considered a critical hit for the Brown’s progress. Seeing them as a rather below average team even Keith Brown is medvac out of the hunt, 6 hours is too much of a setback to even chase weak physical team in Pageants, Geniuses & probably Fogals, as they could easily out run them in an endurance race.

Challenges: Civil War

Quilts to fREeDom: Gourds are smashed despite stating that they need to search for quilts, and what’s with everybody (except for Geniuses) focusing on brute forcing this challenge?

Theatrical Mirrors: How did they make the message stay for days? Cool challenge and stumped almost everybody since they can’t brute force like the last challenge.

Kayte Fogal was really angsty about those side-track mirrors, granted, she is really angsty this round. And for some reason Browns somehow managed to chase the Geniuses 10 minutes behind?

Fort Pulaski’s Intelligence: Basic intelligence challenge that requires basic reading.

Kinda surprised that Brooke of Air Force said suddenly talked about male chauvinism in a strange sense of pride.

Chauvinist- a person displaying aggressive or exaggerated patriotism.

(After a map reading trail later)

Digging For A New Day: A stupid challenge without showing a way to finish it intelligently, a boring challenge that tires both the teams & the viewers physically & mentally (in an already ridiculous endurance round), as the viewer have to watch this type of challenge for about 15 minutes.

A prayer is severely needed to stop the inner frustration towards each other (and an urge to shut Kayte Fogal mouth by hitting her gently with a shovel), even for an atheist, Amen.

And a 2 day rest for them, they deserved it in the name of entertainment, that fascinates the contestants & history buffs and bore the viewers that wants to be entertained.

Eliminated Team

I have already talked about the Browns, should I talk about how this show is torture for especially them again?







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