NBC Treasure Hunters Episode 7: Bonjour & Hello

Host: Since we are going to be more than The Amazing Race will ever be, and you all have a difficult day in the last leg, we are going to get you all of France, cause you deserve it more than Hanlons, Browns, and those pesky children in the Amazing Race Family Edition, enjoy.

Theme: American Spy

Catacombs of Fire

(One flight later, and another trip to metro where 1 group splits into two…)

Geniuses: Haha, they should follow people who actually lived in France.

Pageants: Haha, they should actually research the map we were using.

Catacombs Exploration– On one hand, The Amazing Race should have travelled to this place and it is a wonderful place to look at, on the other hand, the challenge is quite boring in television watching

(A location search on the puzzle, and teams getting lost later…)

What’s Inside The Mask?- A ship engraved medallion, which is apparently the 4th artefact instead of the mask. Still, having something under their nose is a cheeky little thing for everybody involved.

And now, they are going to Dover, United Kingdom, at night (at least it wasn’t Dover, Delware).

Fogals (to Air Force): Blah, blah, friendship, 1st, 2nd, blah, blah, hope not get eliminated.

Air Force (to Fogals):……………(don’t betray us, teammate)

Exploration of Dover Castle- It’s too bad that the place is both dark and lack of an interesting story that the show would have want to tell us, but the arrow clue is one of its kind.

Church And Paper- Managed to become as ridiculously hard as the digging challenge in terms of creative thinking terms, and I really trust that Lafayette used this method in his spy stuffs. And the elimination scene between Genuises & Fogal-Force are amazing.

Artefact- A key

Eliminated Team

Fogals, who were eliminated in one of the most ironic ways possible: in a church (Brad Fogal is a pastor), helping a team instead of manipulating them, and is able to have a proper farewell with a team that are considered allies, which is nice for a villainous team in the contestant’s eyes.

And in terms of characters they were quite entertaining despite the show is good at making people one dimensional in a boring way (which of course, Pat Hanlon is an exception).







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