Amazing Race China Season 3: Tokyo, Japan

New Summer Olympic location (1964 and 2020), new currency and a new teammate for Team Hurdle (Xu QiFeng replacing JI LongXiang, from what I barely known of him, basically a civilian).

And it’s too bad the show did not make them swim or even canoeing to Tokyo Tower, it would be a trainwreck to watch people get losing canoeing.

Team Siblings: Damn you Kobe beef, our stomachs…no eating challenge, no-


Wheels of Wasabi Bomb (Luck + Guts)

Reused from Amazing Race US 15, a challenge after eliminating a team before they even have a chance to get their paid vacation.

At least this type of reset button is able to give the frontrunners a chance to finish before the bottom feeders arrive and wasabi bombs are quite a bitch to be eaten directly.

Finally, after 2 legs, we’ve got 3 teams choosing to quit the task and ironically, it’s the civilians that can’t chow down wasabi.

Judo Practice (Physical)

A decent Olympian challenge, flipping teammates alongside with flipping placements.

During some time, Xing Jing stopped being a bitch to her husband after failing to the point of being last. It seems that being sung in a German Lullaby calms her… for a while.

Detour, in Japan, Anime is Always Their Waifu

Sailor Moon (Mental)

Basic cosplay challenge, but seeing Liu Xiang posing as Sailor Moon is ridiculously funny, and I watch a lot of comedy skits of crossdressing men.

Detective Conan (Mental)

Easily one of the most unique challenge, and another high risk high reward challenge that either you finish quickly, or lag utterly behind because of the items itself or the placement.

Another unbalanced Detour it seems, and another massive placement shifting.

Roller Coaster Sight (Mental + Guts)

Basic thrill challenge with basic word combinations in a row, easy for every team that reads Chinese, except for Team Siblings (who needed Team SNH48 to give them the answer, and Team SNH48 seems to want many answer sharing alliances as possible)

But unknown to Team Siblings (and us until they reached the mat), it’s considered a rule breach, which slaps them another 15 minute penalty.

The Way Of The Ninja (Physical + Skills)

Only 1 of the 3 mini challenge (the rope maze, as step down from the France laser maze) is actually difficult for most of the teams, and somehow for the 3rd time in a row, Guo JingJing of Team Divers managed to flail back from first to bottom of the pack again for also having a bad aim on throwing shurikens.

The 2nd Express Pass given to Team Dancers, who them proceed to skip the Roadblock because they are the last penalized team at that time.

After another run of placement shifting due to penalized teams:

Team Dancers & Team Hurdle: 30 minutes (Both Wasabi challenge where 1 member failed to eat the task)

Team Siblings: 1 hour 15 minutes (Wasabi challenge where both opted out & didn’t complete the Roller Coaster challenge properly)

Seeing Team SNH48 getting 1st place, officially making them the strongest all female team of this celebrity series…

Eliminated: Team Dancer-

Team Actors: OBJECTION! We use the Save on them.

With that, this fun leg is done.

Amazing Race China Season 3 (Olympics Edition): Munich, Germany

Now traveling to the place where they hosted the 1972 Summer Olympics, Germany. And after this leg ended, I’m surprised that that’s they only mention that seemed Olympics.

By the way, looking at the cash remaining ledger is surprisingly fun, given that despite the teams probably use these cash for transportation, the variance is quite startling, that did Team Actors do to spend 75% of their cash just in Greece? Buying souvenirs? Eat a Greek salad? Drank till 3:00 a.m.?

Also a Save pass*, where you can save a team that is already eliminated, which is needed to be used before the 4th episode.

* Only available to celebrities, cause they deserved it better than an average civilian.

P.S: A promo that should be used for the intro and lazy Heinz just standing in a spot while Jin Xing dancing with all the spotlight on her.

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Escape The Night With Joey Graceffa Episode 6: Did Someone Call For An Exorcist

A Years Before Segment (Which is a first): A priest failed to do an exorcism, was a bad model for drunk driving, and somehow got lost and found himself to the house, all without the influence of the hooded man, that is a first.

By The Way: Thank you for everybody for the views so far and reading my blog, it’s been wonderful month for me (500 views in a week and 100 views in a day, that is a first)

Thank you to georgiapeach from Reality Fan Forum for linking my China 3 Athens post to the Amazing Race China 3 Show Discussion Forum, small or big publicity, is good publicity.,32329.0.html

So thank you all.

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Escape The Night With Joey Graceffa, Episode 5- Freak Show

Months Before Scene: A freak being disgusted in his show (with a black master in the 20s and the ridiculously negative crowd) being offered something better by the cloaked man-chained in the basement to protect something, yay, freedom.

Well it is a refreshing change after sociopaths and idiotic people who decided to let evil in.

(And why Joey refer himself to Joey in the Previous On Segment? Fishy, fishy)

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Amazing Race China Season 3 (Olympics Edition): Athens, Greece

As a person who don’t care about watching the Olympics, I apologize, but at least I’m now doing a recap of the new season of the Amazing Race China Season 3: Olympics Edition, with hopefully great tasks with great difficulty and great locations (which ends in Brazil, the place where the Olympics will be held this year) for celebrities (which unfortunately, not all of the teams consist of an athlete) to compete with great enthusiasm (which won’t be a hurdle to jump after how weak last season was). So, with the grand opening that introduced our host Allan Wu again in this season starting line, the Great Wall of China in China, the place where the Olympics is hosted in Summer 2008, let’s reveal the cast:

Team Broadcasters: Zhang Meixi & Zang Yafei, reporters for Greater China Live in Shenzhen, one of the best intro scene for an Amazing Race Team, I was surprised for a sudden when that news broadcast played in the first time.

Team Hurdle: Liu Xiang & Ji Longxiang: Olympic Gold medallist hurdler & Brother/Cousin who plays discus throw regionally.

Team SNH48: Huang Tingting & Sun Rui: Idols of SNH48, a Chinese version of AKB48 (yeah, there something on my mind wanted to say something about that), which is a good call since people outside of that sphere would get to know you more.

Team Siblings: Vanness Wu & Xiao Fengfeng: Taiwanese Superstar & his sister.

Team Dancer: Jin Xing & Heinz: Transgender contemporary dance founder and her German husband

Team Actors: Zhang Zhehan & Zhang Sifan: Actors

Team Divers: Guo Jingjing & Huo Qigang: Gold Medalist Diver & her husband

Team Returnees: Liu Chang & Jin Dachuan, models who still don’t have their own Wikipedia page, and why the show couldn’t get Li Xiaopeng & Li Anqi instead, they are the athlete team.

That is a really generic intro, but let’s get started.

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