Escape The Night With Joey Graceffa – Episode 1: An Invitation

What I know about Joey Graceffa: He’s on the Amazing Race (the same way that I know about Kevjumba, only in the sense that I didn’t watch Joey’s channel at all).

What I know about this show: A feature called YouTube Red that requires you to pay for some of their shows (which makes me somewhat jealous of people who actually have access to pay for their feature).

Why I decided to make a recap whenever possible: A connection that let me watch the other episodes to (currently) Episode 2, a secret of course, and I will stop doing that recap once I can’t do that anymore.

What is this show about: 1920s horror murder mystery, expect the cast to forget the 1920s attitude.

1920 TNT

Joey Grafecca, The Savant (or The Host?): “Oh, nightmares, inherited magical mansion, let’s invite my friends for a dinner party.”

Everyone else (Shane, iJustine, GloZell, other YouTubers that I probably know of from YouTubers React, well at least Timothy DeLaGhetto): “Cell phones that magically disappear when you try to bring them? Travel back to 1920? Count me in.”

And they all have characters, but in a 20-30 minute show, and… forget it.

Joey the Savant: “Welcome to my new house, my new staffs that came along with this house, and let’s party.”

Other People: “Blah, Blah, have fun, Blah, Blah, Character Stereotypes, Blah, Blah, 1920s is awesome (until you want to make an effort to read a book or making an academic paper), Blah, Blah, marry him, kill him and get the mansion myself.”

Eva the Reporter & Shane the Renegade: “Let’s defy instructions and navigate the mansion, cause we’re curious explorers.

Renegade: A person who deserts and betrays an organization, country, or set of principles. (Fishy, Fishy)

(Going upstairs while everybody is nourishing themselves…)

Gasp! The maid!”

Sarah the Maid: (Intense jealous glare towards people more famous than she will ever be, not getting the cast list in the description since very few people care about watching the credits….and they are late for dinner)

Shane: “ I know what you have done, and I heard the GloZell the Jazz Singer sing about kicking you out.”

(Chains, Bombs, GloZell is really scene stealing everybody else, the 2 explorers came back for dinner)

Joey: “So what happened?”

(Butler gives Shane a message, then Shane explodes blood)

Everybody: “Huh? (Envelop reveals secret things) WTH? (Maid reveals a chopped head) WTF?”

Challenge- Symbol Under The Glass: An introduction puzzle, which is okay for the people that are mad scrambling to save people or having refreshments.

(Cue to Sierra the Heiress eating a bun, wishing that it was a cold fried chicken prepared by her daddy’s cook instead)

Challenge- Vial Saver: Separates into 3 routes and 3 different puzzles,

Mountain Top Paintings: Compared to the other 2, this is insultingly easy, especially when it is able to be noticed by GloZell (who I don’t think that would be a huge contender in this mental based reality competition).

Nine Gates of Hell: Mathematics, not their favourite subject in school unless it talks about subscribers and income, although I think the answer might be:


A+B+C=Number of Devils (13)

A=9, B=2, C=2

Box of Maze: A rather original puzzle, and a surprisingly awful teamwork between everyone.

(Meanwhile waiting for other teams to solves their ridiculously hard puzzle compared to them..)

Painting Team: Blah, Blah, accuse each other of poisoning them, Blah, Blah, stealing their thunder, Blah, Blah, let’s get his followers…


(Shane’s last monologue pretending to be dead words:” FU Glozell for even thinking about that.”)

When everybody came back…

Blah, Blah, More accusing (good for Timothy the Mobster still knowing that he needed to act as a mobster), Blah, Blah, Noise, Blah Blah, What to do with the body (iJustine the Gambler, that’s too practical and raw), Blah, Blah, oh, special message.

Shane letter: “I am a member of something that saves people from evil. Find 4 artefacts to save you all. Sacrifice your friends. Only have 1 day to complete this night. Don’t get my followers”

(This is so not Shane, and the Renegade Title earlier, sketchy, sketchy)

Joey: “F this, let’s go home and get his followers”

Car: BOOM!

The Cast: Sh- Now we have to take the hard way?

Trailer Thoughts: Maybe they shouldn’t reveal the contestants in different challenges. Some conclusions I can get about (not about the next 2 episodes), blame the 0.25 speed multiplier.

  • Eva the Reporter & Joey the Savant escaping from something, probably the same running scene where Eva takes a shovel.
  • Timothy the Mobster shooting some morbid things.
  • Somebody (Possibly GloZell the Jazz Singer) being possessed & screaming on a bed while Sierra the Heiress sitting next to her.
  • Joey & Sierra jumping into the water while the 3 boys and Eva watching from the sidelines
  • Sierra & Oli the Hunter strapped in the chair & possibly shocked to pain


That’s all for this episode, curious for another and potentially breaking a taboo?

Thanks to Joey Graceffa for this wonderful show.


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