Escape The Night With Joey Graceffa: Episode 2- The Ungodly Machine

Artefact, Hand, 2 Sacrifices

For people who don’t have access to this episode, there is a story before we cut to the YouTubers, about actors that outside of US don’t care about playing a drama about people doing insanely stupid evil deeds for a really suspicious cloaked figure.

This scene kills 2 people months ago (in the 1920s or 2016?), and revive a monster using a dangerous device.

BTW, nice opening, just reminds me of the trailers of those item finder video game apps.

Spoilers abound, or you can just use this to see the funny summary

Everyone: AH!!!! CAR!!! DRIVER!!! iPHONE!!!

(Back to the devil house…)

Singer Glozell: “Let’s decide who shall we kill when it matters, and we do we know?”

Savant Joey: ”Find those weird symbols”

Mobster Timothy: “Oh, my wallet (at least somebody’s stay on their character) in the blown up car”

Heiress Sierra: “Don’t split up!”

(Then Sketchy Maid Sierra bring a post to them, it reveals)

Everyone: “HAND!!!!!”

Which reveals to be a lifeline for once each hour, though I felt that the show could show us the time until dawn feature to let us know that whether they are above or beyond the clue solving schedule, it doesn’t make me feel like they are in a huge rush.

After Gambler Justine invoke it out of necessity, the challenge starts now.

(Bold For Challenges, Y for interesting to Watch, N for uninteresting to watch)

Books, They Show You The Direction: N, puzzle & the scene that they solved it is fun, but everybody here suddenly becomes bland.

A Story On The Chessboard: N, elevated by a good story and fun confessionals, I think that particular chess piece that is needed to solve the puzzle has a particular weight to unlock it.

Hunter Oli reading a note: “Blah Blah story that the viewers already watched, Blah blah, how to spell artefact in an English slang, Blah Blah, find the key, blah blah, 4 elements in learned in my childhood?”

The 4 Elements: Y, Able to learn about inventions that are used in the 1920 (Including the strange water part) and the ridiculous interactions between the contestants. (Although who told them that they need to go outside to find Earth?)

Journalist Eva reading a note: “Blah Blah, Ungodly Machine, Blah Blah, Basement, Blah Blah, Cog, Blah -, we have to vote somebody as a sacrifice? And we need to choose someone to save us?”

(What an oddly suspicious and specific note, and how the voting works is quite clever after seasons of Survivor, majority still rules, but at least there is a small chance you can be safe for the one who is obviously targeted)

Timothy after being targeted as a killer for his role: “At least I am the best dressed”

Alliances, Targeting, Accusing.

Sacrifices: Fixer Andrea (Solver: Gambler Justine) & Hustler Lele (Solver: Journalist Eva)

Lele: (Mumbling in Spanish about the challenge)

Malfunctioning The Ungodly Machine: Y, being a timed challenge that have a chance of killing 2 people, which overshadows the fact that 2 out of 4 mini challenge is somewhat physically based, and it is quite understandable for puzzle novices.

Death: Fixer Andrea, who I won’t miss since her presence was as dark as her attire & the smoke that killed her, and made a flaw in choosing someone that went with Joey outside in the 1st second when they choose their sacrifices, and had a bad record in playing puzzle games in the past.

(Which according to YouTube, the Portal 2 walkthrough, seeing her attempting this puzzle year after the playthrough could have everybody paint some idea about that playlist being placed a mental “Do Not Touch” Sign).

(After the challenge)

Justine: “Blah Blah, Everything is so hard, Blah Blah, Nothing is working, Blah (Eva: EH???), EH??, Ok, I don’t like her, Who’s The Fixer Now Bitch?”

Everyone: “You are, and you are now targeted for no reason.”

Blah Blah, Placing the Artefact in an obvious location…

Oli (noticing a paper and reading it): There is a mole for the evil in this house.

(Though why Timothy have to blurt out the rat before there is the rat officially revealed, Fishy Fishy)

Overall at let down in hilarity compared to the first, but when the show weren’t focus on the puzzle the interaction between them is quite enjoyable.


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