Escape The Night With Joey Graceffa: Episode 3- Buried Alive

Coffin, Sacrifices

Another story of months ago, possibly the butler dry humping a lady, butler chloroforms the lady, a coffin scene arises, lady tries to leaves but caught, and you know the rest.

A really great scene to set up the mood

(Back to the present)

Blah Blah, good vision, Blah Blah accusing everybody else of being the mole (including the staff who even I should want to blame and sacrifice just to save my own skin), Blah Blah, Gambler Justine killing her instead of her being stupid in handling the machine, Blah Blah, new game, new note

The Dead Girl In The Photo: N, It’s just a scavenger hunt where the objects are in sneaky locations.

(First, is that really the girl that we see in the opening? Granted, one is under dressed for the occasion)

Perform A Séance: Y, Not only the way they set up is ridiculous (which overshadow the puzzle solving itself), and if you ignore the artefact part, Sarah possession confession could be used as in an actual horror movie.

Release The Coffin:

Group 1: Coffin- (Red Stone, String, Arrow, Diameter Radar)

Group 2: Key- (Low Road, Piano With Black Keys, Music Box)

N, Another okay scavenger hunt, although why everybody have a specific problem with Justine being scared with things. Okay, maybe her big mouth that is easy to place her as a target. Although I’m disappointed when there is no body in the coffin, which would have been a killer scene.

Note from the Coffin: A bullshit reason where somebody has to vote to bury somebody.

The Sacrifice: Gambler Justine

First off, the depth is too shallow for somebody to die in that coffin. Then, even Survivor producers would have been surprised that the show let this scene happen. Can you imagine this in real life? Poor Justine, poor raw Justine that should have calm her nerves down in a really dire situation.

So they found the artefact, and a box, so what the show could force them to do now? And could the show managed to become funny after that shit they pulled off to everyone in the house?

Right Now My Prediction For The Mole: Mobster Tim

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