Escape The Night With Joey Graceffa Episode 4- Mannequins

Months Ago Scene: Psychopath (which is contestants hammered upon constantly) manages to turn a family into mannequins…somehow.

And somehow, it is really creepy.

Spoilers Abound, but you will still read mine anyway.

Back at the house, pondering around the fact that they buried Gambler Justine, and the wooden box…

Jazz GloZell: Savant Joey, you seem fake about her death (Joey: WTF is wrong-) (Interrupting growling sounds to avoid criticisms)

(Seriously, that is just ugly and disrespectful, GloZell)

Hunter Oli (in a scripted monotone confessional afterwards): I’m so angry about everything right now, so I decided to smash this box.

(SMASH! And a paper comes off)

IDLE: A generic opening puzzle with a basic substitution method

(BAM! And a picture comes off, then everybody started their next route…well not everybody)

Mobster Timothy: Oh! Heiress Sierra, there a car outside. Which means we might get out and have some rough sex later.

So now the challenge is separated in 2 routes,

Route 1: The Secret Room

The staircase in the puzzle is another simple opener (and led to Joey being too suspicious). When they opened the door, it was not a pretty sight given that we watched the scene beforehand.

Those puzzles that revolve around the mannequin, also very creepy looking, and everybody hammering us that Calvin guy is a creepy guy.

Route 2: The Car

This has less plot (a given due to having only 2 contestants attempting the task), and the puzzle looks generic. But at least they found a mannequin for their efforts. Time for them to reunite, and complete the entire puzzle.

Now, voting time again, and voting is an ugly option and the game…a Perverse Game?

Professor Matt: I hate Hustler Lele, cause she erotic & untrustworthy for my pure taste, and she convinced Journalist Eva to obviously spy on us for the sake of her twisted entertainment.

Joey after GloZell casted her vote: Your annoying me right now and blaming me for everything that is happening in this house.

(That’s a really heated voting process, not in a sexual way)

Voting Results: Savant Joey (so you really can choose to vote off a host), Hustler Lele

GloZell: Haha, Joey’s gonna be dead.

Perverse Game

When a straight gal turn lesbian & a gay guy turn straight for mannequins, it is both funny and awkward in terms of relieving the mood, there is also crazy moment when in a Spin The Bottle Game, Joey managed to spin towards Lele (which got rebutted, cause of…sexuality issues or tongue issues), which is actually less weird in theory than having a threesome or doing anal with a mannequin.

After this is over, oppsy, a Murder Journal, like a Death Note (and look at those murder victims written, they may be a clue), and they can save each other will killing somebody without them potentially knowing.

(A nice twist, but a bullshit twist since the voting game is about not being targeted by people, but it is a way to target people in a different way)

Lele: I want Matt gone because he’s annoying me.

Joey: No, he’s useful, and I promise that I will not let Matt target us. So, I want GloZell gone because she’s annoying me.

After the deliberation, Joey wins the argument (because he has the notebook) and…

Dead: Jazz Singer GloZell, maybe she shouldn’t be too aggravating. Well, she’s great in the 1st episode when it is just pure comedy, but when there’s a horror element to it, she is really annoying the f out of people and even seems coldhearted with the deaths going on. And her death is really boring.

GloZell last thoughts: (WTF just happened, my wig, and my butt is twerking uncontrollably).

Joey & Lele: We’re now in this, let’s make this a secret between us.

(After a heated conversation with everybody and especially Professor Matt being too pushy towards Lele)

Lele: FU Matt, Joey saved you by writing GloZell name instead.

Joey: (Eye rolling at Lele) Let’s get out of here, one more to go right.

A sound not from them: GRR!!!!!

Contestants: AH!!!!!! WTF?

Butler: Oh, the guardian of the evil has arrived.

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