Escape The Night With Joey Graceffa, Episode 5- Freak Show

Months Before Scene: A freak being disgusted in his show (with a black master in the 20s and the ridiculously negative crowd) being offered something better by the cloaked man-chained in the basement to protect something, yay, freedom.

Well it is a refreshing change after sociopaths and idiotic people who decided to let evil in.

(And why Joey refer himself to Joey in the Previous On Segment? Fishy, fishy)

Back at the house, everybody is pondering about that scary beast sound came from, then…

Heiress Sierra: 3 girls died, I mean 2 girls, I mean this house is misogynistic for no reason, and I think that there’s a killer that hates women (Mobster Timothy: Maybe it’s a girl that hates girls), so woman should stick together.

Hunter Oli: Savant Joey, next clue please.

Senses Going Round And Round The Circus Town

A unique opening round in favour of using your nose, quite tricky if you ask me.

(After opening a carnival box by inserting a ticket)

Freak The Music Whip

Quite a unique mental challenge for a simple tag game (with people magically disappeared after a single touch, good job editors) and having a huge risk of losing all the artefacts for a mass loss is quite decent).

Although is it okay for people to not fully wear the mask just being they are in a room, cause that would be a rule breach in technical terms.

(After the cast managed to summon the jerkish ringmaster)

Ringmaster: WHIP! Celebration, WHIP! Punishment, WHIP! Come with me to the circus (Really annoying sidekick: YAY! Cause I have no lines to memorize to make myself creepy)

And they came to a circus greeted by freaks that Joey gathered inspiration from possibly the show American Horror Story: Freak Show, they are now in a tent with really negative extras that boo for no reason because they have to sacrifice sleep to participate in this stupid show, and the artefact.

Alas, voting time, in a usual boys vs girls setup.

Performing in the Circus of Death: Mobster Timothy & Hunter Oli

Circus Acts

(Yeah, these crowds are seriously irritating, wouldn’t be surprised if anybody killed these booing crowds in one of the future acts. Just a really ugly moment on the producer’s part)

Three really different tasks (strongman, juggling, tightrope), so can’t really complain about it.

Result 1-1, so they boo to see who will be killed by piranhas.


Ringmaster: I decided, both of them will be dead!

(Guests: WTF!?)

PSYCHE! No one will die because my freak came back because of you, so, you can get back the artefact and come back later.

Timothy: Oh wait, my (Oli smartly drags him out) wallet, and my role.

Guests: (Glare) Just be glad that we have all the artefacts. So came we-

By the way, I have to thank 123movies for providing me the chance to recap this show in the first place, you are the real MVP and I would feel awful if you get sued for copyright infringement.

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