Escape The Night With Joey Graceffa Episode 6: Did Someone Call For An Exorcist

A Years Before Segment (Which is a first): A priest failed to do an exorcism, was a bad model for drunk driving, and somehow got lost and found himself to the house, all without the influence of the hooded man, that is a first.

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Back To The House

Guests: Yay, we finally get the artefacts and become funny and interesting again.

(After getting a ritual paper from Shane’s pocket, something that is really fishy, setting up the ritual

Savant Joey (does these titles matter anymore, it seem like even Timothy stopped caring about his Mobster role anymore and possibly thinking eating lobster roll): Heiress Sierra, be at the centre because you don’t do much.

performing the ritual)

Imaginary Demon of The House: Haha! Fuck You. Die In My Sacred House of 1920s and death.

Guests: Groan, to the back basement then to see that priest (I’m so tired, I want to go home, I don’t want to be killed like Justine, I want Internet access and live to see who will become the US President and the next Big Brother winner, I want to have sex with a fan, a literal fan).

At the back basement

The Priest: Blah Blah, trapped in a circle, blah blah, former spirits being the keystones of the house, blah blah, release me cause I’m one of the former owners in the house, blah blah, lost my imaginary faith in this house for a failed exorcism, please find it, thank you and perform and exorcism.

Guests: Groan, another scavenger hunt then (I want to go to bed, I don’t wanna kill people anymore, I want to become the next host for Escape The Night, I want to be a honest journalist, do you think that it would be easier in the 1920s or 2016?)

After another scavenger hunt (which has become increasingly creepy for the guests and increasingly boring for me to watch) to get the holy water and the rosary…

Now is time to vote, 2 exorcists must perform the exorcism.

Professor Matt: Okay, I volunteer. (Guests: YAY! Anyone else?)

(After a team deliberation)

Professor Matt: Okay, I don’t want to volunteer. (Guests: Groan! Can’t anyone else volunteer? I wanna see Matt gone now. You dunked me to a potential piranha pool. Can we just move on without killing more people?)

(Seriously, if he did that in the voting system of Survivor or Big Brother, he’s an instant goner)

Voting Results

Exorcist 1: Heiress Sierra

Exorcist 2: Professor Matt (treated in a hostile way from the guests)

And speaking of technicalities, Savant Joey, Journalist Eva has never find herself in the death zone

The Exorcism, Set What Has Gone Wrong

A really strong challenge in terms of haste and consequences of an action. But either way,

Dead: Heiress Sierra, what a crappy predicament she was in, either she needs to hold on and memorize as long as possible and she dies, or pray that Matt will read a rather long note in a rather dire circumstance and decides to commit suicide (for me, I rather save myself if I have the choice).

Guests after the Challenge: Groan. Let’s give the faith thingy to the priest (I don’t trust Matt. Matt is sketchy. I want to go home. I hope my edit will be nice to me)

Priest: Blah Blah, thank you, blah blah (Maybe I should try fuck that butler with the limited time I have in this house, this long years of standing just bores and tortures me), blah blah, here a journal of the former owners, blah blah, (Fuck that butler, I’m free from this cursed house.)

Guests: Gr- we should have keep these artefacts safe from the demons, shall we move on?

Professor Matt; Fuck everything, I lose all hope we’re all going to die.

-oan (For the fuck sake be quiet. That’s why you don’t need trust him. Why does he has the professor title again? Oh, I have a mid-season recap to do, take a rest before we move on).

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