Amazing Race China Season 3 (Olympics Edition): Munich, Germany

Now traveling to the place where they hosted the 1972 Summer Olympics, Germany. And after this leg ended, I’m surprised that that’s they only mention that seemed Olympics.

By the way, looking at the cash remaining ledger is surprisingly fun, given that despite the teams probably use these cash for transportation, the variance is quite startling, that did Team Actors do to spend 75% of their cash just in Greece? Buying souvenirs? Eat a Greek salad? Drank till 3:00 a.m.?

Also a Save pass*, where you can save a team that is already eliminated, which is needed to be used before the 4th episode.

* Only available to celebrities, cause they deserved it better than an average civilian.

P.S: A promo that should be used for the intro and lazy Heinz just standing in a spot while Jin Xing dancing with all the spotlight on her.

8 Team Versus: Dachshunds Race (Physical + Luck)

Puppies and 8 team racing with the puppies are fun to watch, but being a huge reset button that involves animals (which can be luck dependent) doesn’t leave a good taste to me.

Kinda funny that the team that badly overspend (Team Actors) the most decides to borrow from the next team (Team SNH48) that spend the most after them, sure, we have already know.

Church Location (Physical + Mental)

Basic searching task, even Team Broadcasters needing to do a backtrack (And not searching the car before that) wasn’t very engaging. And having a personal cab really saves off the horrible spenders big time.

Roadblock: Zipline Ride (Skills)

The challenge looks nice, just not exciting to watch people doing the same gliding thing again and again.

Speed Bump: Sausage Creator, Sausage Consumer (Skills)

Team Broadcasters managed to treat a moderately difficult challenge to how G.E.M & Zhang Yunjing did their final Speedbump of their season (the one in France where they have to cycle in a bicycle in a romantic way & feeding each other with a huge picnic lunch, easily a contender for the hardest and memorable Speed Bump in my viewing history)

Detour: Beers (Physical), Cheers (Skills)

The beer challenge is kinda okay, but seeing Team Dancer managed to get away with Heinz obviously pouring out most of his beer is infuriating.

Having 2 dancing challenge in 2 episodes in a row is quite meh, at least it is cultural and different.

Obviously, this Detour is very imbalanced in favour of Beers, especially for teams with above average brute strength that can one shot this challenge quickly, and especially when you are able to pass even you managed to serve almost nothing to a customer.

Roadblock: A Romantic Lullaby

Do you remember this season is supposedly about the Olympics? I expect challenges that could tire them out and quitting like the 2 season before that. Either the teams are quite resilient, or those challenges are an utter letdown in difficulty.

Well at least one of the Team Actors reacting to Team Returnees singing like they are in love is funny (like I would have though that he was reacting to a Shakespearean drama).

1st Place: Team Actors, earning themselves a Save Pass.

Eliminated: Team Broadcaster, nice not really knowing you.

And boy this show seems to suck in doing footraces, 2 episode in, 2 anti-climatic reveal of who ended up last. Yeah, I felt that this leg is an utter letdown after the first episode, and after 2 weeks of finally broadcasting this episode.

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