Escape The Night With Joey Graceffa: Episode 2- The Ungodly Machine

Artefact, Hand, 2 Sacrifices

For people who don’t have access to this episode, there is a story before we cut to the YouTubers, about actors that outside of US don’t care about playing a drama about people doing insanely stupid evil deeds for a really suspicious cloaked figure.

This scene kills 2 people months ago (in the 1920s or 2016?), and revive a monster using a dangerous device.

BTW, nice opening, just reminds me of the trailers of those item finder video game apps.

Spoilers abound, or you can just use this to see the funny summary

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Escape The Night With Joey Graceffa – Episode 1: An Invitation

What I know about Joey Graceffa: He’s on the Amazing Race (the same way that I know about Kevjumba, only in the sense that I didn’t watch Joey’s channel at all).

What I know about this show: A feature called YouTube Red that requires you to pay for some of their shows (which makes me somewhat jealous of people who actually have access to pay for their feature).

Why I decided to make a recap whenever possible: A connection that let me watch the other episodes to (currently) Episode 2, a secret of course, and I will stop doing that recap once I can’t do that anymore.

What is this show about: 1920s horror murder mystery, expect the cast to forget the 1920s attitude.

1920 TNT

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