Amazing Race China Season 3: Los Angeles, USA

Teams are now in the host of summer Olympics 1932 & 1984, Los Angeles, USA, the place where every performers imaginable go to Hollywood for a shot of being an international superstar, and at least 80% of them cried to their sleep & waiting for their next big break, watching the celebrities racing in this leg from the tv screen.

On a site note, Allan Wu is able to host here, and finally after 5 legs, a self driving leg appears.

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Ataplus Deals: Starting Round 1

Months ago where I went to Publika, I stumbled upon an event where entrepreneurs pitch their companies like they are in  Shark Tank, the entrepreneur talks about their company, the investors ask questions, the entrepreneur answers, ask more  questions, answer more answer, in the side lines I ask about how healthy the really Big Crzypuff will be, he answer my questions.

Everybody (the audience including me, the entrepreneurs and the investors) take a picture, I hang around with  the investors who gives out some business advice, got a chocolate drink pack from an Enterprise that is the same age as I am (which I have to say, kinda okay) and best of all, free goodies to take and free food to eat.

I am definitely impressed, and later I went home and immediately sign up for an ataplus account as a potential Level 1 investor…and 6 months later, the deals finally come, and here’s my thought to the three of them.

Given that Ataplus works in the same vein as Kickstarter, I should have offer a link about how to gain revenue so that we can see how the company would be managed day by day.

Update and Pay Attention: Q & A Sessions are now here, so rich people, if you wanna help to contribute the economical entrepreneurship of Malaysian Talent and see recognize the opportunity to refine the metals, read this and invest now, especially when I have already invested my part.

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I’m Bored: The Katering Show Seasoning Two, A Review In General

After all the relative simple drama that I inflicted on myself for being an busybody towards the Presidential Campaign which I will separate it for my main love in my blog:…Things that interest me right now. This time, the Katering Show is back on YouTube, and thank god cause I need a laugh right now, and I don’t really want to use a VPN like they suggested.

As you all know with the Katering Show, they took a really long time for Seasoning Two, since both of them are now mothers (not to each other) and jokes can be difficult to synthesize into a clip show.

But they are back, with an opening scene that really kick ass, even if it really blew off some of their budget that is sorely needed to hide their (still) unqualified cooking skills. And let me bring my thoughts about it.

Spoilers Abound, and this is a review for another round of viewing that could make my brain see the show less funnier than usual.

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Amazing Race China Season 3: Barcelona, Spain

We head on to the host of Summer Olympics 1992 location: Barcelona, Spain, again

This episode eliminated team: Team SNH48, which is revealed at the title screen for people who can read Chinese…

Rough Translation of the Title: Jin Xing dislike Hans messing the pot, Team SNH48 sadly leaves the Amazing Race family.

What the heck producers, already this season is quite bad at producing suspense, but given us who is eliminated at the title screen on YouTube? This is just violating the 101 of producing competitive reality television

Before the race starts…we have a voting U-Turn, and a strategy session starts between all the teams since they are able to interact before the leg starts, wish I could see more of them.

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