NBC Treasure Hunters Episode 8: Around France

Remember this show, produced in 2006 where I recapped on a whim? Me neither, and the Air Force are as unhappy when they meet everyone again, so let’s just quickly finish this as soon as possible.

But hey, there is a 50,000 dollar bonus in this leg, so…

Via Ferreta or Driving For A Long Ass Time To A Statue.

I will skip the long ass time of driving (which Team Pageants chose to do after harming themselves from the stupid digging challenge, quite amazing that they managed to not get lost a rather obscure side of France, for the world anyway) to focus on the mountain, which is a really good challenge and kinda unique in terms of mountain climbing.

Though the only exciting thing in this scene is that the only out of shape guy (Sam) is having a slight trouble finishing the challenge, and it was a first come first serve challenge anyway.

Retire La Pierre

To solve this puzzle, all the all male teams decide to team up with each other, and manages to got themselves lost to the point where the Pageants managed to passed them unknowingly.

So why are the keys here except to throw people off?

Blessed By The La Turbie: Air Force

Champe De Mars

Does the Amazing Race let teams climb up the Eiffel Tower? And the challenge looks nice, though somewhat kinda feel bad for the all male teams that worked together (Well the Southies did) managed to wipe out the secret in the painting, and sacrificed their time of not being able to engage sightseeing from the Eiffel Tower, what you get as an advantage, but what a dream crusher.

Rosicrucian Order

So that’s the keys are for, boring.

Artifact: A crypt-ext, or something like that?

But still, being all around France is really insane for one leg.

And sucks to be Pageants, utterly left behind due to the challenge, from the contestants, and from me, god I want to finish this.

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