Escape The Night With Joey Graceffa Episode 7: Mermaid Tails

Opps, apparently episode 8 has already started while I still haven’t did a recap on this episode yet, sorry.

Months before montage: Abused woman (from an asshole who decides to be an asshole just to be an asshole) decides to become a mermaid to take revenge. And does anybody remember that there is a hooded man?

Matt: Blah Blah Hopeless, nihilism, blah….

(The rest of the group wisely ignores his Eeyorism, cause they still want to live)

Group:…and thus the mermaid became a serial killer for really stupid guys that should not be at the pool. Next clue…open the world, oh-

Innocent globes: Ahh (Smash!) my beautiful body! No (SMASH!) Brother.

Then they solve the puzzle, awarding themselves in a awards ceremony, and found the mermaid, somehow trapped inside the house.

The Scary Mermaid: Blah Blah House Lying to Me, Abusive husband, blah blah, daughter’s doll, trust me cause I’m pretty, blah blah, coins, blah blah, dead bodies, sister

Matt: Blah blah, stupid game

Group: SHUT UP and help us live!

After being really stuck at where the coins are

Group: Hello, spirit board that is nearly forgotten because we are too awesome at that time, can you help us?

(Apparently an hour is already gone, but still, can’t the show tell us how much time they have left before a total party kill.)

Matt: Blah-

Eva: SHUT UP, I want to live!

They solved the puzzle with some logic reasoning by Tim, that surprisingly didn’t show us on screen, and they proceed to the next round, full with deadly but beautiful mermaids, which are attracted to some kind of ethereal songs, shouldn’t water spirits work in the reverse?

The water retrial challenge is one of the better challenges in this season, being rather physical in an already mentally exhausting night, though trying to believe that they have a sense of urgency is quite difficult.

They solved the puzzle, and what do you know, voting time again.

Matt: Blah blah, we’re all gonna –

Everybody (especially the girls): FUCK YOU! We still want to live!

Eva: You’re just blah blah blah blah… (Enough to make people pretend to be terrified of her sudden bitchiness).

(Not blaming her, but I would too, being too nihilistic towards people who want to live would irritate everybody).

Voting Result:
1. Professor Matt
2. Mobster Timothy

During the Sudden Death

Guys: Hey, let’s drink this wine that he have to force to drink it entertainingly.

Letter sender (maybe the hooded man): Haha, it’s really lethal poison even you take a sip.

The Sudden Death challenge is to follow the doll placements from the really creepy nursery rhymes, hm.. let me try to make one.

Little Kiddo Kisses The Devil
The Devil Rewards Him With An Big Eagle
The Eagle Was Pierced Through His Wings In The Middle
So Kiddo And Devil Dance Over The Eagle

It is quite a good mental challenge when you know that you only have 1 chance to finish this challenge, though the dolls are insanely ambiguous to be guessed.

Matt: Great, I finished first, sorry, but I want to live.

Drinks the solution, and-

Dead: Professor Matt, hope that your newfound appreciation of life will be remember by you.

Back to the group, with the doll, they met the mermaid again.

The Mermaid: YAY! I can meet my on screen child for 10 seconds again.

And onward to the next owner.

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