Amazing Race China 3: Moscow, Russia

Even with Zika, filthy swimming pools and really fragile security, the Brazil Olympics has officially started, and I couldn’t care less, cause I don’t really watch the Olympics for leisure.

After a celebratory video from the teams, they are now headed to the host of 1980 Summer Olympics location, Moscow, Russia (but in technical terms, it would be U.S.S.R at that time).

So, have a vodka from the sword in the morning (which, would net me a penalty cause I will avoid drinking alcohol whenever I can, and what is the name of that tradition?), and head on!

Route Info: Will Work For Bread (Physical)

Carrying 20 heavy loads of flour to the shop, nasty even with the distance being so near. Having to put it neatly, is diabolical for people that are not physically inclined.

The sadist in me says that they should finish the entire bread that was given before they can even check in.

(Kinda pity that the show can’t use the Moscow railway as their only destination, it would be a great break from the lack of self driving for this season after Infiniti toss them for another Amazing Race knockoff).

Fast Forward: Circus Acts (Skills)

Actually both of the acts are kinda meh. The plate spinning is actually easier than the one in Amazing Race US Season 17, and the acrobatic stunt is kinda basic for a Fast Forward.

For me, I would add an Accordion playing and doing a balancing act to make it more tougher.

Still having a battle between Team Returnees & Team Siblings are kind of nice, cause the format of Fast Forward right now should be abolished.

Fast Forward winner: Team Siblings.

And for the rest of the leg, they full on copying the tasks from both Russian legs from Amazing Race US Season 21, but no caviar or learning who Anastasia is? Boo.


Synchronized Swimming (Physical + Skills)

Good news is that the task is definitely difficult and fun. Bad news is that it is more difficult that the other task and not many people are able to swim effectively to finish the challenge.

Trepak Dance (Skills)

4 episode in and we already have 3 fun and difficult dancing challenges (which will add up to 5 in the next leg, and one of them include flamenco dancing), guess Tokyo dances is seen as boring for the producers, and with Team Returnees using the Express Pass, next.

Roadblock: Russian Time Zone Exam (Mental)

Fans of Amazing Race know what this challenge is, and sadly to say, the examiner here is too bland.

First Place: Team Siblings

Penalized: Team Actors for taking some kind of illegal transportation (which is like, huh?) & Team SHN48 for violating traffic rules (which is understandable, cause they are idols, and in the idol world, they want them to be as pure as possible). Both teams took 30 minute penalties, which I have to say, is extremely harsh, do you think that these are the reasons why the teams right now are scared of taking the penalty?

Still, eliminated for passing through the red light would be a moment by itself.

Non-Eliminated: Team Dancers, again.

Strangely, I felt that leg is too short, but that just me.


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