Escape The Night With Joey Graceffa Episode 8: All Out War

Years Before Montage: After a battle in World War 1, an American veteran become so extremely obsessed with gold that he collected, he decided to kill his friends (and maybe even fuckbuddies cause, you know, 6 months is an insanely long time in a house of evil, and how do they managed to survive for six months anyway?).

And this episode death scene is so scary that viewer warning is advised, like even worse than being buried alive by your friends without having a chance to defend yourself in challenges.


Back to house…

Group of Guests: Again with those fucking riddles, why are the people of the 20s are so obsessed with fucking riddles…..By the way, do we actually remember that we are supposed to play a role in this house?

After a scavenger hunt for the notes and the box..

Group: Question…Answer?…(In an eureka moment.) Answer! (They open the box), gold!

Cut to Hustler Lele trying to snatch the gold from Joey, and Hunter Oli defending his wealth that his coat is ostrich (which nobody believes because real ostrich coat do have a lot of color blocking and character as his).



Thus the met Colin, the war vet, and…

War Vet Colin: Give me the gold or I’ll shoot you!

Eva: Okay, and can you question me that why are you so hot?

(If this is reality, any sane person would never say that)

Colin: Thanks, I’ll help you, or I’ll throw grenades at you.

The girls: (Ghee!) Your abs are like grenade patterns.

Colin: Oh, be prepared, cause outside the house, is now a warzone

The girls: Even his arms are- (Along with the guys) what?

Outside and getting a radio call…

Radio: Blah blah people getting killed, secret documents, blah blah, spiner, throwing a grenade.

Group: I sleept until 2 pm, my cash & my gods, what happened to my house-(Colin: SHUT UP! We’re moving).

After a run from a shooting spree…

Colin: Oh, throw this grenade (Eva: But I’m- Colin takes off the cap- Ah!!!!).

BOOM, the way Eva ran with this is really funny.

After killing the sniper (because the spiner is not a YouTube celebrity, so nobody cares if he’s dead), the Eva deciding that Colin is a dick for smoking & not helping moments afterward, and unlocking the breifcase with fire.

Document Note: We created a super mutant in 1920s…

And when Joey & Oli are trapped with the mutant,

…don’t ask why the mutant is young and hot, you also have a hot soldier with you right?

Making the depowering serum, shooting mutant soldiers, Colin being the best previous owner since he has more screentime than the other 2 by pummeling the mutant soldier, Lele having a legit orgasm seeing him, stabbing the man with the serum, stabbing the ice, they’ve got… another voting session to see who’s the best soldier between the 2, where the gold is.

Tim: Lele is crazy awes- (in front of Lele)…I mean Eva is crazy awesome. She did throw the grenade.

Result: Jounalist Eva & Mobster Timothy.

(Still, why can’t they vote for Colin?)

Sudden Death Challenge: Russian Battleship Roulette.

While the battleship part is kinda luck based since all of them we’re in 1 spot, the Russian Roulette part is extremely insane to bear watching it.

Still, I don’t see why they can just simply retrieve the gold and both of them get out, it’s not like there’s somebody watching them and forcing them to do it, and the gold itself is even not really protected. Easily the least logical Sudden Death.

But for…

Dead: Mobster Timothy, it is really sad and nerve-wracking. Enough for Eva to give the lost gold to Colin, and…

Eva: You’re selfish, I’m breaking up with you….Poor Tim.

With his gold, Colin left, leaving Eva with another gold to keep in the house, does these gold bars have some kind of difference?

But at least, 2 more owners left, how will the remaining guests stay motivated with all of these horrors they endured?


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