Escape The Night With Joey Graceffe Episode 9: Wicked Hallucinations

Years Before Montage: A crazy person talks about the truth of the house but got zapped to the point that he killed the doctors that is performing the zapping (before the one that got him killed he has the audacity to turned it to the highest volt possible too)

Back at present…

Guests: 4 guests left, the sun is going to rise…and we still have a mole to find right?…Ok, let’s find Vincent the psycho victim.

More scavenger hunt later and they met Vincent in a straightjacket.

Vincent: Blah Blah beware of this house, locked me in this straitjacket, blah blah unlock me, enter my hallucinations.

Finding the inkblot with a map and entering the hallucinations…

Greenhouse Mayhem

A really crazy challenge on all areas (the difficulty, the urgency and the scariness), so bad that they just basically says fuck it cause the plants are to difficult to read in a scientific language.

The scene with the swamp man is also a really amazing spectacle as well, like seeing a mini version of Godzilla battling baddies.

The Mask of Riddles

Well the sword wielder is creepy, next. Kind of ridiculous that everybody ignored Eva’s first response twice, and since it’s just a hallucination, nobody really cares if they got killed.

And then, we got another voting session again, this time is a redux of the first sudden death challenge, 2 nominees and 2 assistants, which means everybody’s involved.

Guests: Let us all vote by luck cause we love each other very much.

Voting Result and Their Assistants

1. Hustler Lele & Savant Joey
2. Hunter Oli & Journalist Eva

Sudden Death: Electric Ring Toss

Easily the most ridiculous sudden death in this season.
1. Isn’t it about the patients learning things, why a ring toss?
2. What’s the reason for doing a ring toss in the first place?
3. Why they have to go through this if they can just do a careful search around the basement?
4. Actually they are still in a hallucination right, shouldn’t by the same logic of the mask challenge that death means nothing to them right?
5. Ring Toss, what a letdown.

Whatever, after a round of ring tossing…

Electrocuted: Hustler Lele, a really good character to be included in a story. And now Journalist Eva has technically won 3 Sudden Deaths.

It should be sad and it’s definitely makes your heart beat overdrive to see who is going to be killed, but this is just stupid in paper and practice.

Back at the house and unlocking Vincent…

Vincent: Blah blah hallucinations are gone, free from this house blah blah, I have warned you all with a note that I didn’t provide my name, Butler Arthur is the mole (which is a nice twist, since we don’t care about him and he didn’t did mole things in front of us),…run.

Guests: (Info Updated.) Ah!!! RUN!!!

Butler/Mole Arthur: (Well my cover is blown, but never mind that since they can’t really run from this house. Now… whose soul would I kill for the house next?)


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