Amazing Race China Season 3: Barcelona, Spain

We head on to the host of Summer Olympics 1992 location: Barcelona, Spain, again

This episode eliminated team: Team SNH48, which is revealed at the title screen for people who can read Chinese…

Rough Translation of the Title: Jin Xing dislike Hans messing the pot, Team SNH48 sadly leaves the Amazing Race family.

What the heck producers, already this season is quite bad at producing suspense, but given us who is eliminated at the title screen on YouTube? This is just violating the 101 of producing competitive reality television

Before the race starts…we have a voting U-Turn, and a strategy session starts between all the teams since they are able to interact before the leg starts, wish I could see more of them.

Route Info: Mascot Search

Another reset button with the 1st team advantage being just 1 minute ahead of the 2nd team. Though the headstart is definitely crucial and the Olympic trivia about the mascots is definitely a reminder that this season is all about the Olympics. And the wager of airplanes are also back and reminding us that they are the reason why these celebrities are able to travel around the world.

P.S: they are in China all the time just to do this challenge? (Sigh) Celebrities, living in absolute luxury.

Now were in Spain, along with stating facts about which Olympic Chinese athletes that won lots and lots of gold medals which is still counting, something that Malaysia still haven’t achieve yet as by the time Nicol David is going to retire for the next 10 years, squash is still apparently not a leg Olympic sport, so we only can congratulate Pandelela Rinong & Cheong Jun Hoong for getting silver in synchronized diving, for now.

But on the bright side, silver has more uses than gold.

P.S: Why the heck they needed 2 airplanes when the time distance between them is just 10 minutes? You can just put them on the same flight to save money.

Taking a short Snicker Bar break later…

Speed Bump: Gigantes y Cabezudos

A really basic carrying challenge around the neighborhood, next.


Dreams on Carmen

Thank god that it is not another dancing challenge again and instead a harder version of the Greece Dreams task in Season 1 of China. Though this is the problem of this challenge that the original one didn’t found itself, the insane waiting time during the performances.

Awake on Reality

Given that it is more about charisma and wishing that the strangers they visited are able to race them to the finish line in one go, it is a good challenge as a homage for the Sleeping Spaniards, even though the ones that are helping them to finish the task is the Sleeping Spaniards themselves.

U-Turn Target: Team Actors (By 4 to the 3, apparently to Team Returnees, but some say team Siblings instead), apparently switching Detours like changing clothes didn’t help them gain any ground.

Route Info: Shopping for Paella

Apparently the producers think that shopping for food that is written in Spanish quite boring (except when Team Actors did this task with some difficulty), so they just skip it. Side note: paella is quite satisfying when I have it at Fish & Co, enjoy it at 1 Utama after they have finished renovating 2 days later.

The difficulty is more about who can eat quickly enough than who is the paella master, though having it really delicious is a must since they have to eat it.

And now for another uncomfortable moment between Team Dancers, which everybody will cover it by saying that it is funny, even though Jin Xing is actually in the right.

Heinz: (Scrambling the paella for some reason)
Jin Xing: Do you know how to read Englsih, grrr, so stupid.
Heinz: But the rice will burn (still scrambling the paella because he, a person who don’t know how to cook, doesn’t believe a possibly 5 star hotel will give them a 5 star hotel recipe for them to cook.)
Jin Xing: …grrr (throw them in the streets, Jin Xing, and see the unemployed people in Spain eat the mess he made in the street).

…God, I sound like Kate McClennen in Season 2 of the Katering Show, now available to watch in YouTube.

After a round of penalties passed on spot, since cooking is apparently a big thing in Spain:

* Team Hurdle, 20 minutes for over adding their plate.
* Team SNH, 10 minutes for not putting enough rice
* Team Dancers, 10 minutes for overdoing the paella, and another silent tirade from Jing Xing who is now appeased with a bottle of white wine that she paid for herself, oh wait…

Roadblock: Sharpshooting

The Olympic challenge in this leg, tell me why people watch the Olympics again besides national pride? Shooting small targets are not good tv unless you want to shoot somebody after they have targeted to U-Turn you.

I’m more surprised that nobody sang this anywhere.

Special Pit Stop Guest: Paralympic archer Antonio Rebollo, the person that lights up the Olympic flame by a bow, that’s quite amazing on the producers part, for 5 seconds since the viewers would care more about the racers themselves.

After awarding a second straight win to Team Siblings and another round of penalties:

* Team SNH48, 90 minutes (Roadblock, Detour for not wearing their caps before starting)
* Team Dancers, 60 minutes (Roadblock)
* Team Actors, 30 minutes (Detour for not wearing their caps before starting, reading is apparently hard for people under 30)
* Team Hurdle, 60 minutes (Roadblock)

Eliminated: Team SNH48, this time penalties claimed their fate again, 2 all-female teams down, who will be eliminated next?


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