I’m Bored: The Katering Show Seasoning Two, A Review In General

After all the relative simple drama that I inflicted on myself for being an busybody towards the Presidential Campaign which I will separate it for my main love in my blog:…Things that interest me right now. This time, the Katering Show is back on YouTube, and thank god cause I need a laugh right now, and I don’t really want to use a VPN like they suggested.

As you all know with the Katering Show, they took a really long time for Seasoning Two, since both of them are now mothers (not to each other) and jokes can be difficult to synthesize into a clip show.

But they are back, with an opening scene that really kick ass, even if it really blew off some of their budget that is sorely needed to hide their (still) unqualified cooking skills. And let me bring my thoughts about it.

Spoilers Abound, and this is a review for another round of viewing that could make my brain see the show less funnier than usual.

Red Ramen
The theme is really about the stress that they are bottling (especially with the way that the hand needs to swap out all the food ingredients they have), and the new makeup they have doesn’t really suit them (especially for McCartney). Still, I’m surprised that they don’t use the Kate Main feature again, cause it’s too stressful for both of them?

And yeah, I don’t really know what McCartney’s reference to the tile.

Booze Revooze- As annoyed as McCartney when somebody do a fan request but they turned out to be the antithesis of what this segment is all about.

Yummy Mummies
This episode is so unlike the rest of the season. And I couldn’t stop laughing when McClennen actually used her own placenta as one of her ingredients (well the cutting part, in an interview later on she simply changed to another placenta). But making their own breast milk as their ice cream (still it is a nice debate position where McCartney should for should not have eaten ice-cream with the ingredients she have).

Booze Revooze- Having a medication as your ingredient for the booze is rather unqualified, but since I’m a guy (and I don’t have a Reddit account), I don’t have the right to judge that.

It Gets Feta
The insane amount of cheese puns of McClennen and having them doing a groundhog on the pharmacy (of all places) is quite funny of it’s own. But sometimes it rely too much of the projection from McClennen to McCartney for her obsession towards cheese, and it’s a bad joke where we have to see McCartney cooking something that all of us know how to cook with the right instructions, this is also a cooking show, in theory

But even then, that mock intervention is really good. And the end section is really personal in some cases.

Booze Revooze- Applaud her for drinking that despite her intolerance, hate her for not telling us how does it taste like.

The Body Issue
Wow at the initial McCartney snide towards her, but after this it was just a little on the bland side (and the day 1 to 5 is just basic comedy), though easily the most cooking oriented. And hello, lizard monitor screen

Booze Revooze-As bland as this episode

The Cook And The Kates
A really funny episode for a person that do not care who the fuck Maggie Beer is as I’m not Australian. Given that they are basically channeling somebody’s lifestyle that’s out of their cooking league

Note: After this I gave a check on what’s verjuice, and what’s a dianaberry (which amounts to a fabrication by the Kates)

Booze Revooze- Unfortunately it’s more about the blogging than the drink, though those drinks could have been fine to be judged

Tying The Knot
This on the other hand is too negative for my taste, especially both of them are married with children and experienced a wedding on their own (maybe?). Poor Ann, who have no common sense when she wanted a wedding menu from 2 really awful cooks with a really bitchy and snarky attitude in the first place.

Booze Revooze- That’s actually really good since this is one of the 2 episodes the she gave a critique, and the way that she poured all the booze into one and drank it? Damn.

Chienging Flavors
The first episode where the Kates got themselves a special guest (though while the continuing narcissistic vibe this season, McClennen ended up being overly bitchy in the first place), he is quite decent with the jokes and the chemistry with McCartney, and the only thing that keeps him from being seen as perfect is the fact that he engages in some form cultural appropriation (just say that it taste like something that can being cussed a million times from Gordon Ramsey).

Booze Revooze- For me the segment between them weren’t funny, it’s just more about a calming session for McCartney.

End Of Days
Something that should be more about the happy memories, but more about the explosion of McClennen & McCartney bombing at each other (so no Booze Revooze this time around, cause lemons are going to make some people very sour), and the verbal argument between them is quite realistic as a rift between them actually happening in real life.

Final Thoughts
I felt that the quality between the 2 seasons side by side are actually consistent with each other, though I prefer Season 1 since Season 2 can really go extremely negative at times, making some of the jokes very awkward to watch, but it is still funny and watchable.

So give it a go and hopefully release some of your stress you have all day.


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