Politics: Gets Me Banned From Editing For TvTropes

This year, politics is a really nasty thing that we all got to see. With the amplification of the media and the smearing of the political candidates towards their opponents each other, if you just have an opposing viewpoint of another person, a battle between minds, words and wits ensues.

This brings me to why I’ve been banned from editing in TvTropes (for now).

This started with the me looking around the Troubled Production, Politics page (which is now deleted from the mods, spoiler, you can easily thank me for that), since the 2016 US Presidential Race is a league of it’s own. You have the Republican Presidential Nominee, Businessman & Apprentice US host Donald Trump and the Democratic Presidential Nominee, 67th Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who you may all know that neither of them are well liked from what the internet says, and voting for one of them is a race of the lesser of the 2 evils.

You also have another 2 outsider candidates, who is as well-known as John Kasich, so I’ll just get straight to the point.

If I’m an American, I’m more inclined towards Trump (spoiler: now you know why), since in my thoughts that seal the deal.

1. If I’m a single issue voter, the issue I would care about most is economy, and since Trump is a businessman & released a book about getting rich and making deals, I’ll be more in peace for him to make decent trade deals that help pay down the enormous US debt.

2. The DNC (Clinton’s side) has instances of openly violating rules in Title 8 US Code Part VIII, which is about illegal aliens (a subject that is on trend with the US politics right now), one of them is Code 1324a for employing an illegal immigrant for crafting the committee’s 2016 political message and communications and code 1324 for having 3 illegal immigrants as speakers for the DNC. Blatant rule-breaking, and Clinton haven’t even enter the White House yet.

3. She is currently having health problems, and in 2013, a doctors warned Bill that she needs to be carefully monitor for the rest of her life. Now in 2016, her health isn’t really changed all that much (with the coughing and sometimes pausing in a speech), and one of the Secret Service agent is actually her medical handler that is equipped with a Diazepam pen, which is used to treat anxiety disorders, alcohol withdrawal symptoms, or muscle spasms, it is sometimes used with other medications to treat seizures. So it is quite risky for her to travel around the world and talk to other sharks that wanted a piece of America, Tim Kaine would have to negotiate for her.

Thus I’m voting for Trump, but since I’m not an American, he’s not getting the vote from me.

P.S: Every time I tried to stop being really obsessed by Trump stories, he just keeps pulling me back and cutting down my productivity on other stuffs like learning about Malaysian political system instead (and I should have). That’s obsessive celebrity culture for you.

So as a TvTropes fan and a contributing editor, and seeing that Trump himself have like a wall of media made controversy compared to Clinton and the other “presidential-acting” GOP candidates, I decided to join in and offer the some information about the Presidential Election, at least I should contribute in some ways right? Like

1. Talking about the Republican primary, which the page is strangely silent about, if Trump is that dumb, then how did he beat the line-up of 16 candidates which media boasted to be the best line-up ever?

2. Talking about the Clinton controversies herself, which include having 3 illegal immigrants as her DNC speakers (can’t you have legal immigrants instead?), her health, and the body count that she probably amassed in just 2 months (the last one is probably the reason why they have banned me, which I did find it to be a little too excessive, though compared to the Trump wall they have built?)

3. Talking about that the mainstream media is basically untrustworthy since most of them are left leaning and will always support anybody who will vote Democrat. Like if Richard Nixon does the 10% of the stuffs that the Democrats did (shudders…), and possibly strike a nerve with the moderators.

Today, I am officially banned from editing articles in TvTropes. Which is a really sudden thing because compared to my timeline where me and almightyblue have an edit war towards Brenchel in Amazing Race 20 & 24 (along with giving editing reasons), my time with them is actually civil, I add some, they edit some, and that’s it, rarely giving editing reasons as an excuse to insult each other of their political views.

Which is a pity, if the mods didn’t do something drastic as this I won’t be writing this post in my blog.

So see you later, mismatcha, DrSleep and some other editors that I don’t remember for adding and editing content for this now deleted page.

P.S: If there is something that I would regret for now, I wish that the [[http://www.mangahere.co/manga/criminale/ Criminale!]] [[http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Manga/Criminale page]] could have a needed content boost.







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