Escape The Night With Joey Graceffa: Episode 10: Betrayal At The House On The Hill, Finale, & Thoughts

Back To The Months Before Segment: Well what do you know, Butler Arthur is a psychopath before he found this house, and decided to use the evil to get the house himself.

(BTW: Why the heck the priest & Colin didn’t reveal his mask when they are dispelled from the evil?)

Back to the present, the running plan didn’t turn out well.

Devil Arthur: Blah Blah, house, artifacts, blah blah, wrong ritual… goodnight.

And they drug the guests with the help of his conspirators: Maid Sarah, and the gardener whose name I don’t bother to remember.

Later at the torture chamber, the guests woke up, unlock their shackles while listening to an insane person, and reveal that they have only 30 minutes before they went cuckoo.

They found themselves at the Butler’s Chamber, read a note which reveals that there’s a brother that Arthur betrayed and chained somewhere, with a trail of gems.

Something that should have been burned by Arthur immediately after reading. The logic of the show sometimes.

(BTW: In reality, couldn’t they just kill them while they are gone, not give them present to solve out of their way, and not giving them notes on everything that is going on?).

Then a chase scene of the trail of gems begins, and the conspirators are unhappy, murder unhappy.

(Which definitely get your heart pumping like mad whenever you think that they will be caught by the conspirators and killed by them. But boy they suck at searching for people, and killing them)

A chase scene and puzzle solving later, all 3 of them went to the basement, and a commercial bait happens.

Eva: Oh no, I forgot the key.

Joey: WTH…We are-

Oli: I go the key.

They unlocked Arthur’s brother, then another WWE match between him against Arthur & the conspirators started, which naturally that guy won (although the golem would have been the better combatant, but let’s just see the guests perform the ritual for now).

And just in time, the ritual was performed, deed taken by Joey, the artifacts buried and all three of them finally escape the mansion, reminiscing about growth, a group of friends that are mostly dead, and end credits.

(Before logically, they would have gone cuckoo as they haven’t seen finding an antidote for it).

Final Thoughts

It is quite good for a YouTube Red series, the duration of the videos are fine, though it would be better for more strategic scenes. The mood between episodes are strong and consistent, but the later episodes got dragged down by logical issues (like Ring Toss and the sloppiness of the evil giving them clues in the final episode)

Best Death Scene: Hands down iJustine, imagine all the presents she will get for her birthday when reminding almost everyone took a part for burying her alive.

Worst Death Scene: Glozell, thanks to a Death Note that for some reason everyone in the house forget about it, it could be very useful if you are in a chase scene. And it just break the rules.

Best Sudden Death: A rather tough choice (between the Battleship/Russian Roulette, Dollhouse, Ungodly Machine and the Exorcism) before deciding on the Russian Roulette, really nerve wracking between hoping that your opponent don’t hit and performing unwilling suicide on yourself.

Worst Sudden Death: Ring Toss, so illogical in everyday possible.

Best Previous Owner: Soldier Colin by default since he was with the guests for all episode, and quite a character to boot.

1. The unique voting system.
2. The consistent scenes of horror.

What Needs To Be Improved:
1. The opening, which turned out to be a massive spoiler for some sharp eyes, and then everyone.
2. The sense of urgency in the show needs to be hammered to show that they are in peril if sunrise comes.

So thank you Joey Graceffa and the producers for this wonderful show you have produced.

Thank you 123Movies for getting me to start this recap and getting me some degree of notability from the world.

(Hope that both of us won’t get sued)

And thank you fans who has been watching my recap. It is a pleasure.


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