Amazing Race China Season 3: Rome, Italy

Onward to the host of 1960 Summer Olympics: Rome, Italy, make a wish by the Trevi Fountain with the only allowance you have in this race and found yourself trying to solve a mysterious puzzle.

(Although they show could have bring a twist where solving the puzzle could immediately get you straight to the finish line.)

Roadblock: Masked Party

Match the same mask from your chest with the same mask from the party, difficult and bland to watch.

Route Info: Gladiator Fight

Another repeat from the Amazing Race US24 , it’s just okay with some more presence shouting from the teams.

Face-Off: Track Team

Fitting for the Olympics, where all three of them (even with the strange butt shaking slow walk, that is an Olympic sport while squash isn’t?) are different enough in physical requirements. But still, that’s a really bad reset button from the teams, and setting up all the tasks is quite a momentum killer.

And wasn’t it nice for the Chinese to see Liu Xiang running a hurdle again 12 years later?

Last Place & 15 minute penalty: Team Siblings


Roman Numerals

A more harder variation of the Roadblock in Amazing Race US24, given that instead of counting bland steps, they have to calculate in 3 difficult spots to find the answer.

Roman Catapult

A building challenge, although the distance should have been longer, or it should destroy at least a wooden wall.

Route Info: Unlock the DaVinci Code

Quite nice that even the unlocked clue is also not straight forward
like the anagram, and it’s easy enough for them to solve both of them.
1st Place: Team Hurdle

Eliminated: Team Dancer, after deciding to walk in a snail pace compared to Team Returnees who utterly dropped the ball this week. Well, it’s kind of a miracle that Heinz managed to get this far.

Next up, Los Angeles, USA


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