Amazing Race China Season 3: Los Angeles, USA

Teams are now in the host of summer Olympics 1932 & 1984, Los Angeles, USA, the place where every performers imaginable go to Hollywood for a shot of being an international superstar, and at least 80% of them cried to their sleep & waiting for their next big break, watching the celebrities racing in this leg from the tv screen.

On a site note, Allan Wu is able to host here, and finally after 5 legs, a self driving leg appears.

Route Info: Water Cycling

The opening task of Amazing Race US 27, although unlike last time, with a time advantage people seems to be unable to catch up to other teams.

During the time of self-driving, experiencing traffic jams and going to the wrong directions even with the GPS…

Team Siblings: First Place, USA, First Place

Team Hammy Actors: Revenge, U-Turn, Revenge

Team Married: Hope that dream of being eliminated in USA is just a nervous reaction.

Route Info: Lego Oscar

It’s quite unexpected that this challenge ends up creating a lot of drama between the teams, especially with Team Hammy Actors trying to be disruptive towards the other teams to improve their own progress.

Roadblock: Climb & Grab

It is definitely a really difficult challenge in both 2 aspects of climbing and fetching the flags (to the point where viewers noticed that the producers have shortened the distance of catching). And good job for the producers for making this a 2 hour penalty, where pushes everyone to work harder instead of quitting like mosquitoes from hands.

Route Info: Lights, Camera, Action

A really nice challenge with the awkwardness that the (really rich) producers don’t even bother to change the scripts for the all-male teams just for the fun of it. Though the scripts are too short (even the first season where people have to speak in Hindi is longer than this) and it’s more about action



Another dancing challenge that actually looks easier than the other dancing challenges and the only hard element is smile through the dance, next

Basketball Run

Quite a strong challenge (albeit that it seems more of a Roadblock that both team members must do), especially with the last 2 teams (Team Married & Team Hammy Actors) duking it out to finish their run to survive.

First Place: Team Returnees

Eliminated: Team Hammy Actors


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