Amazing Race China Season 3: Finale, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Now it’s time for the finale, the host of the 2016 Summer Olympics, where finished 1 or 2 months ago, so no more talking about that. Instead, who will get the Gold Medal of this season.

Was it Liu Xiang & Xu Qifeng (Team Hurdle), the team that had the producers allowed to switch members in the race?

Was it Guo Jinging & Kenneth Kwo (Team Married), the couple who has a lot of top moments which got screwed by the bottom moments in the second half, leaving them seemingly weaker than they actually are?

Or Jin DaChuan & Liu Chang (Team Returnees), who brings an massive advantage of experience towards the and being the frontrunner all season long?

Start by drinking a cherry juice made from Brazil, take a ride to the slums and never cross the road when the streetlight is red.

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Amazing Race China Season 3: Mexico City, Mexico

The penultimate leg, where the show officially step their foot in Latin America, the country that hosted the 1968 Summer Olympics: Mexico City, Mexico. And seeing that there are 4 teams left, you know what that means… elimination time and see the Final 3.

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Amazing Race China 3: Atlanta, Georgia, USA

For the first time in this season, the same country is used for 2 episodes, and this lucky recipient here is the USA, more specifically Atlanta, Georgia, the location for the 1996 Summer Olympics.

And to set another reset button, this time the show decides that every team should start on the same time since 2 or 3 minutes between teams are just really easy to catch up.

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