Amazing Race China 3: Atlanta, Georgia, USA

For the first time in this season, the same country is used for 2 episodes, and this lucky recipient here is the USA, more specifically Atlanta, Georgia, the location for the 1996 Summer Olympics.

And to set another reset button, this time the show decides that every team should start on the same time since 2 or 3 minutes between teams are just really easy to catch up.

Route Info: Mathematical Ferris Wheel

Hang outside in a Ferris wheel ride, one member have to grab the clues from 4 different angles (where 2 of them are the actual answers), which the other member must unlock the briefcase with the answers they heard.

A really decent challenge mentally, and shows that Asians can be bad at math & planning, especially when your job is more focus on emotion than entertainment.

P.S: See the phone that they see at the beginning? Don’t care about that as it just disappears from usage later.


Team Hurdle: Alliance, Team Returnees

(After they got lost for a while)

Team Hurdle: FU, focus on ourselves for the rest of the season.

Route Info: Airdrop, Flour Gift

Equip themselves with 4 sacks of flours, 1 member has to ride a plane, and drop at least 1 sack to 1 of the 2 targets from mid air, which they could do with their own will or getting the signal from their team member who is on the ground.

It took a while for me to realize that they are in USA, seeing the lush forest from the air, still it is a decent challenge in it’s own right, and seeing everybody’s surprise at Team Married managed to do it in one go it’s quite surprising, but seeing everybody else doing it in more than 2 goes definitely shows the spirit of difficulty.

P.S: What sort of tiny circuit that QiFeng short when he say that there should be 5 teams?

Team Married: OMG, we have a really huge momentum going, this would be our lucky-

Face-Off (-SHIT! Of all times?): Monster Truck Fireman

One member must carry a plastic jug of water to the other member, who will have a ride in a monster truck lap, the team that has the higher volume of liquid wins, the last team that lost the face off will have a 15 minute penalty.

A really fun (but seen many times in other reality shows) challenge, and it’s quite surprising that the last 2 teams: Team Siblings & Team Hurdle had to race again after both of them managed to tie in measuring liquid.



Do a graffiti wall from the picture given, an Olympics 1996 landmark.

A really refreshing challenge that is difficult for other series of Amazing Race to replicate, and after utterly trailing behind for the first 3 challenges, turns out that Vanness Wu of Team Siblings has a rebellious history of doing graffiti.

Plus, I quite like the final additions that Team Returnees did after finally finishing the challenge


Sing an English blues song, which Team Hurdle (after their switch to Graffiti went awry as that challenge has a limit of 3 walls and all 3 teams has occupied the spots, decided to come back), even with their lack of English pronunciation ability, managed to pass the challenge in 1 go despite I finding it difficult to know what they are singing. At least it brings the crowds up I guess.

Route Info: 100 points Archery

Shoot arrows until you get 100 points in 2 rounds, simple to the point that with the right amount of technique, you can finish it even without doing any practice.

A mountain climb to the Pitstop later…

1st Place: Team Married, which is a surprise

Getting a Speed Bump: Team Returnees, which is also a surprise.

Next leg, for the first time ever, China goes to Latin America.


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