I’m Bored: Hilarious In Hindsight, AVbyte, Presidential Cookie Battle

This is a short post and a short moment sharing that I found amusing, where I am able to start editing in TvTropes again (which is some days ago).

To celebrate, let’s talk about a trope called Hilarious in Hindsight, the definition of this page:


It’s when a later event, such as a current event or something that happened in the series, contrives to make something funnier than it originally was. This is what your literature teacher would call “Life imitating Art”.

– TvTropes page.

Well I didn’t know about this would be amusing enough for you, but here’s an amusing example, from AVbyte.

AVbyte is something akin to parody channels like BartBaker & Barely Political, but they are more of a Broadway version, in most cases a hipster version since they parody on news over hit songs, or a Broadway version of an infomercial where they probably don’t get paid. The one that they got known for is something like this, and Hipster Ariel is born (which she needed this since life action movies in the sea is way more expensive that she could star in):

(Well, this comes become the Frozen one, but it still stands)

And here’s the example, where AVbyte sings about an even in the presidential 2012 sing-off between Michelle Obama & Ann Romney (who is now a Who? when you ask about her)…about cookies cooking competition (which in hindsight looks like a really petty distraction to cover a million bones), where both actors (especially Franchesca Ramsey as Michelle Obama who gave an A+ effort in her delivery) diss each other over cooking cookies. Watch and laugh with them, and reminiscing that politics are just like hyenas brutally massacring each other for the ruling of the jungle.

The example would be really obvious, though would this means that Ann is passing the baton?


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