Amazing Race China Season 3: Mexico City, Mexico

The penultimate leg, where the show officially step their foot in Latin America, the country that hosted the 1968 Summer Olympics: Mexico City, Mexico. And seeing that there are 4 teams left, you know what that means… elimination time and see the Final 3.

Intersection Face Off: 4 X 100m Race

Team Married (who had the pick advantage for getting first) & Team Returnees Vs Team Siblings & Team Hurdle

It’s a basic running leg (where teams did this for all their time), but I allow it since this is the prerequisite Olympic task, and the rest of the leg are all about the Mexico culture. Plus, way better than that experimental Mauritius leg last season, which is one of the top 5 worst legs in the Amazing Race history.

Getting the 15 minute penalty for losing: Team Siblings (again) & Team Hurdle

Roadblock: Danza de los Voladores (Dance of the Flyers)

1 team members then had to climb a 100 ft (30 m) pole and swing around the pole suspended on ropes to the ground.

I feel for the man that is performing up the pole (although if it was safe enough, I think making that as the Roadblock task would be gold), but it is a relatively simple thrill task without any major shakeups.

What a difference broad daylight make, it is still magnificent that jumping off planes.

P.S: Team Married actually mentioning that this task is repeated way back from Amazing Race US Season 3, kinda bring back some of the fuzzy memories from that season, although strangely the moment that I remember most at that age is where Heather & Eve got eliminated at a meeting with Aaron & Adrianne and the leg where Micheal & Kathy are eliminated after eating breakfast at the hotel and everybody feeling miserable at night. And supporting Teri & Ian to win the race.

Speed Bump: Tortilla Prep

Team Returnees must prep 20 tortillas. That’s it, after a Speed Bump where Team Broadcasters need to create sausages & eat them, what an utter decline in difficulty for the Speed Bumps in this season.

Route Info: Chili Bugs For Lunch

Choosing from different bowls of fried insects and peppers, each with varying degrees of pungency, each team member must eat one bowl to receive their next clue.

Which none of the teams cares about the task itself over the fact that the placement shakeup changes in finding the correct stall itself.

Route Info: Mariachi Identification

Search among 350 Mariachi performers for one who was faking their performance. They had to bring that performer to the Escuela de Mariachi and if correct, would be given the next clue (and a Snickers bar as a sponsored commercial).

A beautiful task of savoring the musical performance, and the task is quite hard. Pity that there is a team that broke a rule that other teams are doing it subtly & a lesser degree.

Roadblock: Pop In The Cacti Maze

One team member had to put on a dress made of balloons and follow a marked path through a field of cacti. Along the way, the member had to find a sombrero which they would exchange for their next clue. However, teams would receive a penalty based on how many balloons popped or were missing from their dress. The maximum limit for a member can lose a balloon is 10, one more and the member will start to get a 1 minute penalty for every balloon lost.

Quite a nice challenge starting with the absurdity of the balloon couture in Mexico, the scrambling around the cacti maze, getting the balloons pop like fireworks, and finally found the damn hat to pass without losing more balloons (which translate to time).

Route Info: Mesoamerican Assembly

Properly assemble a puzzle of a Mesoamerican mask. When completed, they were given an embroidered map directing them to the Pit Stop which had to find on foot.

A really good puzzle challenge where there are no hints for the first team to arrive, and became a massive placement changer that determines the fate of the Final 3.

First Place: Team Hurdle

Eliminated for Breaking the Rule Where Comments Thought That It was Kinda Rigged, And So Missed Out on the Final 3: Team Siblings (Well you can cheer for the victor in Brazil, Melody, oh).

Next time, the finale in Brazil, where the Olympics is over and peasants can finally stopped caring for more productive things that help them instead.


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