Amazing Race China Season 3: Finale, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Now it’s time for the finale, the host of the 2016 Summer Olympics, where finished 1 or 2 months ago, so no more talking about that. Instead, who will get the Gold Medal of this season.

Was it Liu Xiang & Xu Qifeng (Team Hurdle), the team that had the producers allowed to switch members in the race?

Was it Guo Jinging & Kenneth Kwo (Team Married), the couple who has a lot of top moments which got screwed by the bottom moments in the second half, leaving them seemingly weaker than they actually are?

Or Jin DaChuan & Liu Chang (Team Returnees), who brings an massive advantage of experience towards the and being the frontrunner all season long?

Start by drinking a cherry juice made from Brazil, take a ride to the slums and never cross the road when the streetlight is red.

Route Info: Meat Skewer Puzzle Board

Follow the example of the chef of how those meat are skewered (from the number of chicken hears and the correct skewer fork). After you have finished, eat a plate of meat to complete the task.

A really fun task for combing mental puzzles (where those placement of how the meat must be skewered) & eating.

Route Info: Hands Vs Feet, Volleyball

Win 8 points against a volleyball team that uses only their feet. P.S: The ball that they are using are more soccer ball than volleyball.

A flashback of the Amazing Race 27 Detour task, a definitely hard task where your bones can potentially break and placements shifts.

Roadblock: Wake A Wave

Ride a wakeboard around a course in the water. Once they are able to reach and touch a yellow ramp without falling off, they will be given the next clue.

We present a new team who is on the penalized in finale club (something that the Amazing Race China 2 cast didn’t do), thanks to the producers not enforcing teams to balance their Roadblocks and let someone who can’t swim to do the task.

Route Info: Selaron Samba

Search for 1 of 3 The Amazing Race China tiles which they needed (Guo Jingjing: Oh found it!) to present to a samba dancer at the bottom of the steps. The dancer would then lead teams to a changing area and teach them some simple samba steps. Teams would then need to find people who would like to join them in a parade with each person holding a colored feather corresponding to their samba ensemble’s clothing. When they reach the corner of R. Teotônio Regadas and Rua da Lapa streets, a samba dancer in a silver outfit would collect the feathers. When teams are able to produce 20 feathers from their parade participants, they will be given the next clue.

Well collected enough people to dance & maintain their composure is difficult enough, but letting team get away with doing plain samba?

Route Info: Final Memory Puzzle

Map out their Race course by looping a rope through a series of rings attached to a large map. Each ring represented a different city. Teams then searched among hundreds of bottles buried in the sand for the 10 containing the flags of each country they visited on the Race which they would place on the map. Teams could only bring back two bottles at a time and if incorrect, must properly bury the bottles back in the sand. Once the mapped out route and the flags were correct, teams would be given the next clue which directed them to run to the nearby Finish Line.

The second part is definitely the star part, and seeing the 2 teams trying to finish first is nervewrecking.

Now the finale, holding the undisputed record for the most loneliest finale ever (sorry Melody, it seems I’m wrong, but who knows that a series that let celebrities sleep in 5-star hotels & let them travel back to China for a task would be very cheap to let eliminated teams, including a team just eliminated in the same continent to celebrate with the winners in Brazil, half of the were less famous then G.E.M.).

Grand Prize Winners: Guo Jingjing & Kenneth Kwo, congratulations. And spare us (and Liu Xiang fiance in real life) from the awkwardness of seeing Team Hurdle forcing to wait out a 2 hour penalty while the other teams happily claim the prize.

..Wu Sa: Hi! I’m Liu Xiang’s fiance, and I-

Ok, we have now finished a really competitive season of the Amazing Race China. Still, I wish the finale would be as amazing as the last season, which is one of the things that that season done really right.

Final Thoughts:

With the fact that only 2 legs in the entire race (U.S.A, and both of those legs are a timeline away from each other that you can see it technically as 2 countries) is a very refreshing in the 2010s. Though kinda put down by the fact that it is a race course that all of the countries screams major tourist destination (which is no fault of them, since the race is limited of Summer Olympic locations, and the Winter Olympic locations aren’t much better is the surprise department except for Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina), and the legs are more consistently good without an obvious star leg.

The tasks are consistently give some degree of difficult to the contestant, but it definitely helps when the contestants are more willing to become competitive in finishing their task where most of the penalties are done unintentionally (well except for sharp shooting,…and eating wasabi), and please only cross the road when the streetlight is green, this show will penalize you.

The teams…are kinda okay, with only Team Gold Star bringing me a reaction towards them.

Overall, a really strong season competitively.


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